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Yes. LoTL will probably end up being twice as long as Enelysion.
  • polarcactus
  • Added: 02/01/2016 04:29 AM
  • Last updated: 06/25/2022 01:22 PM


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Wait…”another 17 hours left to go?” B-But…I thought that you were a lot farther into this than that? Unless that was before you decided to go down the custom resources route and had to redo everything, but still…

…Oh well. I guess great things do take a long time in order to create... Or in my case, just to get off the freakin' ground. >_<

(God damn am I slow...)
It was before I took the custom route. Besides, Rome wasn't built in a day, Addit. =)
And I think you'll like Striker.
Hey, shouldn't Ianna be Guinevere?
And I think you'll like Striker.

Well, he does look a lot like Ike. And Ike is awesome.
Lol, that FE edit actually comes from Ike's game. So it really is Ike with black hair. XD
Poor Ike. He just wants to be another game again besides Smash Bros..
Well, he was in Codename S.T.E.A.M ( and the worse Amiibo/unit of the lot ) and his Amiibo can be used in Fire Emblem: Fates. XD Actually, he appears in almost as many games as the series mascot, Marth.
Oh, you don’t say?

That’s good to hear. Maybe Ike might be able stay again in the next Smash Bros. whenever the heck that manages to come out. I don't really want him to leave.
I'm no fan of him, but he looks to be a fan favourite. So I'm thinking out of the FE representatives, he'll remain along with Marth/Roy/New FE guy/girl.

And this would probably be his Smash6 outfit. XD It's his promoted Vanguard outfit in his game. Suits him better, tbh.
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