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Website / Download link:

PC Version:

Android ($1):
Android: http://www.amazon.com/JSH-Gaming-Motrya/dp/B00G2KAB3I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382535211&sr=8-2&keywords=motrya


Motrya started out in 2003 as an idea I had for a game about a wizard who couldn't use magic. He'd be able to read magic scrolls and all his friends could use spells, but he couldn't. From this idea, I created the world of Rieyath and a story about its three races, some gifted in the art of Forlae (magic) and some not. As of now, I have released the game with two of its eventual four chapters complete. There are presently about six hours of content.

Download here:

The main gameplay gimmick of Motrya is that every battle is challenging and significant, from the "generic" mobs of enemies to the important storyline battles. You may die in what appears to be a simple fight, but will have the chance to retry and use a different strategy. There are three difficulty levels for different kinds of players (I would recommend Veteran for most players here).


It's the day of Murlor's graduation from Yormus Academy, a school that teaches its students the art of Forlae. He's been unable to use any of the techniques taught, and is very nervous about the final practical exam. However, Murlor soon learns that the practical should be the last of his worries, as a dark secret has been discovered that will not only explain his shortcomings, but affect the fate of everything he knows. With his goofy best friend Dayang and the brilliant, lovely Icebird at his side, Murlor must travel the world and find the secrets of the past before an evil menace can.

Reasons you should play

- Old school ATB-style battles with challenging enemies that encourage strategy
- Simple equipment and statistics that will let you focus on what's really important
- A fully-implemented card game played by most people in the world. Collect them all!
- All-original graphics and soundtrack
- A story with several dark twists and a sense of humor your dad would appreciate
- Three difficulty levels to choose from

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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This is a pretty great little RPG. It has a relatively fresh approach by making every single battle in the game a unique plot battle, so the difficulty stays just right throughout. Most of 'em require a lot of messing around with new builds for your characters. It also doesn't feel as claustrophobic as that might sound since the card mini game gives you a lot of optional exploration to do if you want it.
Can't wait till this is done, what's here is already better than most games you find these days.
This is truly an instant classic!
This looks quite interesting. I think I'll wait until the whole thing is complete, though.
This looks quite interesting. I think I'll wait until the whole thing is complete, though.
Keep in mind that he started in 2010 and he's only 2/4 episodes in. You might be waiting a while...
Eheh. Fair point. Maybe when episode 3 comes out.
I started in 2003, actually, but this demo began production in 2008. There have been snags. That said, progress is going quite well on Chapter 3; I suspect it will be done early in 2014. Chapter 4 is the shortest of them all, so I anticipate being done with the game next year.
this gem caught my eye with its melancholy twinkle... if i play it this weekend i will def send feedback.

in any event, congrats on coming so far with your project !
liking it so far. its like naruto but with forlae or whatever instead of ninjutsu. motrya has a lot of heart and frankly i would play it over final fantasy any day
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random thoughts
this is a acadamy? looks like were outside!

test was not fair the player is not given a chance to learn that information :/

hate the card game

General dropped
i cant stand the graphics or font for this. its blurry and painful to look at.
shame the game wasn't on a better engine. the plots quite interesting
Download link seems not to work for me?
Download link seems not to work for me?

The download is hosted on their site, and seems to be down/gone. Does anyone have a copy of this? Shayoko?
I apologize; I forgot I had posted the game here and did not update the links. Though, it's basically just archival at this point barring some miracle that makes me want to work on the game again. I've updated the post with links to the game.
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