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The year is 1864 on the world of Atlas, on the continent of Einhorn. Over the past century, two major powers have have risen up and eventually dominated the world scene. The Empire of Judec militarized and united half of a continent in endless feudal chaos, and the Rosevelt Alliance shaped a collection of nation states linked by trade into a military and economic powerhouse.

Thirty years ago, a discovery by the Alliance Archaeological Division changed the flow of world history forever. A temple, older than anything in recorded history, full of caches of machines and tools far beyond anything devised by modern hands.

Like a spark, this was only the beginning of discoveries of massive stockpiles of like technologies buried all over the world. As reverse engineering advanced relics from the distant past, known as the Agares Era, spurs the Second Industrial Revolution, and an inevitable arms race by the two superpowers soon unravels the continent.

The competitive and unrelenting search for these relics, and the magical mineral that powers them, Etherium, eventually escalates into full scale war. The world nervously watched, and then was dragged into, a massive clash of powers that felt as if it cleaved Einhorn in two. After a decade of fruitless conflict, both powers draft and sign the Paxus Treaty, a bilateral agreement to end the long war, now known as the Grand Campaign. However, old hatreds remain, as do the Agares relics, whether they lay scattered on the battlefields, buried under the earth, or in the hands of whoever are lucky or enterprising enough to find them, hero and villian alike.

Enter Callox Pallisade, Imperial Knight, ordered home from an overseas posting, back in the Empire of Judec to quell a post war uprising. This begins a chain of massive events of what will be known by future generations as the Chronology of the Last Era.

Latest Blog

A Face To Remember

I know last blog post I said I was going to hold off on new faceset updates until some of the other overhauling had more progress, but after this latest batch that JosephSeraph cooked up, I just couldn't hold off.

As you can see we're really coming together on the palette and style with the facesets. While different characters will obviously have a different tone (most of these characters are affiliated with Judec, which has a more rigid tone in terms of color), things are definitely coalescing, and I'm super excited for what we have and what remains.

Emperor Cyril Veodor

The 41st Emperor of the Judec Empire, and a tired man who's seen better days. Having lost his heir, much of his strength, and the love of his people, the Emperor has lost much of what it takes to rule. Currently fighting for his Empire and his throne against the Homefront Rebellion.

Duke Mikhail Vasilli

Nephew of Emperor Cyril, Veteran of the Great Campaign, and a populist, forward thinking political figure within the Empire who is beginning to think he could do a better job at running the Empire than the Emperor. What can he throw his weight behind to make that happen?

General Pietr Reiner

General of the 2nd Imperial Army (Homeland Defense). A tenured veteran of the Great Campaign, and one of the Empire's most senior and powerful military officials. Mentor to Callox, and his superior in the battles against the Homefront Rebellion. Injured in the Great Campaign, front line combat is behind him, but still has much to offer the Imperial Army. Is incredibly loyal to the Empire as a concept, and is willing to do anything to see her standing strong.

Helena Geil

Leader of the Homefront Rebellion, a rebel faction determined to overthrow the Imperial government. A former Imperial Army officer, Helena is an extremely popular battlefield commander and figurehead for the rebellion. Serious, headstrong, and determined to the point, like General Reiner, she'll do anything to ensure the victory of the rebellion.

Callox's battles against the Homefront Rebellion are an important starting point on his journey as a person, both formatively, and as time goes on and he travels, when he sees how small those struggles (and to some extent, the Empire) seem comparatively in the face of bigger ones ahead.


A 'Messenger', a warrior-priest left as a relic from bygone times, put in stasis by the Ancients, but due to the ruin he was in being damaged, he loses much of his memory. A giant of a man with a terrifying, and almost mystical looking visage, but is actually rather silent, and inquisitive. Joining in the 2nd chapter, he's an important link for Callox to understand the less mundane aspects of his journey

I'm stoked. Let's keep rockin'!
  • Production
  • Feldschlacht IV
  • JosephSeraph (Artist-Facesets)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 05/28/2008 05:54 PM
  • 02/13/2017 02:57 PM
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The A is for DRAMA
Jeez, how'd you score the game entry 555? And what's the goal of the game, and who is the protagonist?
Ah, everything's updated, so those questions should be answered (I hope!).
Great battle chars and tilesets. Good work, feldschlact!
WTF I didn't know I could rate my own game. Sorry, just testing to see if I could, I didn't mean to tip the scales in my favor.
Tried the demo, but it's crashing in battle. I think it isn't finding the combat sprites. First time, I was attacked and got "cant open Absorb1", second time I was attacking and got "cant open Spear1".
Update: copying and pasting the missing files from the RTP into the games ..\battle folder works. Is it supposed to be calling them from the RTP?
Is your chipset from FF4? Just curious...
FF5, actually! It's a nice little chip, it is.
Indeed not, good sir! From the look of things, his graphics come from FFV, VI, and an assortment of other games! I can't really see much IV in there.
Found a bug, on the train you can't walk back over the tops of the cars, you can only walk forward. Annoying especially after I wanted to go back and get that stuff under guard that I had seen.
Great presentation so far! The color is muddy, but works for the starting scene. Jumps into the action a bit too abruptly for my tastes, but at least the good mapping lets me know exactly where I need to go. Loved the battle animations and FF6 sprite edits. The difficulty is a touch much; the enemies hit hard, and the Healing potions that drop don't make the cut, not enough to get ahead. I was dead before I got to the first save point. I feel I played intelligently, my luck was bad because my special attack was dodged 3 times. Should be less about luck methinks, so you might wanna balance that (I'd say simply increasing the healing from the potions would do perfectly). I'll play more when I have time!
I don't think I've had enough experience with your game to give a full review, but here are my general criticisms. Balance is off. The battles are too long, enemies do too much damage, and there is a shortage of healing spells and items. There are also too many initial characters. As a result, you don't flesh out any of thier personalities and half an hour in I don't have a clear idea who anyone is or thier motivations. Compare with Cecil, who we know after ten minutes in that he is a self-loathing coward searching for redemption. The cast is whittled down, but the first scene of the factory/ruins takes far too long. Condense this area. There are general problems with graphical consistency, although its nice to see the effort at a unique atmosphere.

All in all it shows a lot of potential, and I'm at the West Ruins with Bruce right now but the difficulty only encourages me to run from enemies, I don't want to have to grind to go exploring.
Ah, thanks for the solid criticism, Blitzen! That's always good to hear. Although they're valid, I'm going to address two of them. The high difficulty has been noted, and I've toned it down. Sorry to everyone about that! And about many of the initial characters, as you'll see (for what's I think has already been explained by the West Ruins), they're no longer relevant to the story at all, and they're just 'characters'.

But I digress, of course.
Hey, I just started your game yesterday. Right now, I like it. I'm at the part where your second party member joins your time (I don't want to say his name incase it's a spoiler or whatever). So far, I think it's really good. The music is bitchin', I LOVE the first town's music, the one with all the drunk people.

There is an extreme shortage of healing items, but it seems that the monsters drop enough to keep you alive, and the items, right now, aren't that expensive, which is good.
For some reason, Bruce was in my party before I met him. Might want to take a look at the coding there, most likely in the bar.
http://www.rpgmaker.net/games/555/screenshots/2055/ How did you get the messages to be semi-transparent in RPG Maker 2003? ^^;
You know...I've way too many games to try. I shouldn't have procastinated! I know that it's been about 4+ Months...but still! Gah! I want to try all of these games, and even finish 'em! But then I get bogged down and never finish any. >_>

Haaa. Anyway, still lookin' great. I'll try it out soon, Feld! Also, sorry for not having chekced in for such a long time! I'll have to make this a Monthly thing (going around to subscribed pages.)
Wow. I didn't understand the story (right here, on this very page) one bit ^^;! It dribbled from my brain. Reminds me of one of my incomprehensibly detailed summaries! Not that's a bad thing. =) I'll be sure to have a look at this game.
Now that I'm back in the swing of things, I hope you guys will check this out and ride along with me on this fantastic journey.
I love the graphics of this game.