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The year is 1864 on the world of Atlas, on the continent of Einhorn. Over the past century, two major powers have have risen up and eventually dominated the world scene. The Empire of Judec militarized and united half of a continent in endless feudal chaos, and the Rosevelt Alliance shaped a collection of nation states linked by trade into a military and economic powerhouse.

Thirty years ago, a discovery by the Alliance Archaeological Division changed the flow of world history forever. A temple, older than anything in recorded history, full of caches of machines and tools far beyond anything devised by modern hands.

Like a spark, this was only the beginning of discoveries of massive stockpiles of like technologies buried all over the world. As reverse engineering advanced relics from the distant past, known as the Agares Era, spurs the Second Industrial Revolution, and an inevitable arms race by the two superpowers soon unravels the continent.

The competitive and unrelenting search for these relics, and the magical mineral that powers them, Etherium, eventually escalates into full scale war. The world nervously watched, and then was dragged into, a massive clash of powers that felt as if it cleaved Einhorn in two. After a decade of fruitless conflict, both powers draft and sign the Paxus Treaty, a bilateral agreement to end the long war, now known as the Grand Campaign. However, old hatreds remain, as do the Agares relics, whether they lay scattered on the battlefields, buried under the earth, or in the hands of whoever are lucky or enterprising enough to find them, hero and villian alike.

Enter Callox Pallisade, Imperial Knight, ordered home from an overseas posting, back in the Empire of Judec to quell a post war uprising. This begins a chain of massive events of what will be known by future generations as the Chronology of the Last Era.

Latest Blog

Return of the Last Era

So I have been informed via Discord summoning that people still know I exist. Great!

Let's get to the interesting parts; A lot's happened. Well, sort of. Personally no, I'm just chugging along with life; no major changes there! I'm in a good place, so my disappearance was just happenstance, and not dramatic nor intentional.

As far as The Last Era, well, a good bit has actually changed. On a large note, nothing about the project's direction in a meta sense has really changed; the description you can read about it on the main page is still current, and so are the characters, general premise, and atmosphere.

So what's changed? Firstly, the graphical production has changed gears in a big way; as you last remember, I was working on graphical assets with the help of JosephSeraph. He's a wonderful artist and even a better person, but unfortunately he had other projects to commit to. Which is fine of course. Jo, if you're reading this, I love you man!

But this left me in a bind; now what do I do? Well, I could use the work he already did as a base, so over the course of a few months (and even now) I practiced my pixel art skills, fundamentals, and aimed to see if I could fill in the gaps where he left off. I've been editing on and off for years already, so I'm managing to catch on quickly. See if any of you can catch any of my anonymous submissions to Pixel Dailies on Twitter!

But then came the matter of Engine. You guys may already know that I moved on from RPG Maker to GameMaker. I messed around with it but a little bit, but on a whim I found out that Unity is what I want The Last Era to shine on. Not only is C# a widely used language unlike GML which is GameMaker specific (meaning I can learn C# on its own for any other reason and it can carry on to Unity, and vice versa. Looks good on a resume!), but it's just more powerful.

Not that I need Unity to make a sprite based game that this project is on. GameMaker would work, and the Last Era still isn't bigger or especially more ambitious than it ever was.

But unlike GML, C# is infinitely easier for me to learn (trust me, I put in the time in both), and unlike RPG Maker, unity is powerful, I mean god damn, and I can do exactly what I want to do. You can make even simple shit look, feel, and play good and undeniably unique and exactly what you want it to be.

So yeah, that's where we're at; I still actively work on the Last Era and no its not dead. I'd be lying if I made some blood oath to finish it in classic RMN fashion, but it is what I've wanted to do and make for like, ever.

Right now, I'm putting together all the bits and pieces, but soon, I'll have something to show for it. Thanks for reading!
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  • 05/28/2008 05:54 PM
  • 02/22/2021 10:26 PM
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aaaaawwww don't get me excited like that

Hey man, how's the game coming along? Anywhere near another demo? (I'd be glad to help you beta test if you need one).
Yeah I haven't forgotten about this! I'll try to tidy things up a bit little by little. Also NicoB, thank you for the offer! I'll have to take you up on that.
Looks good mate, im gonna play this when its out. good luck :)

Hey man, I've just looked through your pictures and read a couple reviews. Very promising I can't wait for a demo, I'd be happy to beta test for you.
This game looked very interesting, intro was great, the start wasnt that hot but when I got into the sewers and had to fight trough hordes of random spawn enemies, I just stopped. If it werent for frustrating random battles, I would have enjoyed this game, because it looks great.
Don't worry, that's all changed.
I want this. Subscribed and can hardly wait for it to be finished!
author=Feldschlacht IV
Don't worry, that's all changed.

Ho ho, that way Im subscribing.
Considering the download has been removed and the game is proported to have changed, I'll skip the traditional review at this time and just post my thoughts.

The story and music was great, very reminiscent of Xenogears, my all time favorite rpg. The character building was a bit lacking, but considering it was the prologue, that's to be expected, as I'm sure later characters and Leo especially will start to grow. The mapping was excellent. I didn't mind it being linear, as my focus was on the story itself.

My only gripes: Mispelling, grammar, lacking punctuation, and cutoff sentences, a few glitches here and there, and extremely hard to beat enemies. Enemies have way too much HP, very little EXP, and not enough restorative items for the first chunk of the game. I had to go into the system to tweak this to be more playable, including adding a person in the sewers before you hit the train and in the excavation site to heal my party.

These are definite things to consider with the future updates. Overall, an excellent start to what may very well be an epic game.
Man, I'm looking forward to this being completed. It looks fantastic.
My mind is full of fuck.
So are you sending demos to people? But that was a couple of years ago.
My mind is full of fuck.
In one of my games: Kingdom Frontier, apparently I'm using this as a faceset, one of your characters, this one to be exact:

I'll properly change the faceset, so it doesn't conflict or something.
Although there's no demo at this moment, I'm suscribing anyway and waiting for the best. :)
The summary looks very interesting, but I'd lie if I said that the thing that first caught my eye was that your username refers to a song in the SaGa Frontier 2's soundtrack. :D
Best of luck with real life, and hope you can get (in due time) back to the game! ^^
Hey, I just participated in a fanart thing on the forums (http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/8330/), and it was mentioned that we should inform the developers when we make the art, so, well:

Not much, but whatever. Can't wait to play Chronology, keep up the awesome work.
damn, homie

With that said, I just got a new laptop, along with my old hard drive. No longer reduced to jerking off, updating Facebook and checking my bank account with my roommates computer, I'm back in the game.
that is some nice wild arms fanart


jus kidding bros