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Character Gameplay Showcase: Dmitri Harcourt

Hey guys, here's another installment of my Character Gameplay Showcase, where I highlight the various characters of Chronology of the Last Era. Last time I focused on the main character, Callox. This time, I'll focus on his battle buddy and one of his closest allies in the game, Staff Sergeant Dmitri Harcourt.

Even the enlisted soldiers of the Imperial Army are well trained, and thanks to the various wars with the Alliance, battle hardened. Staff Sergeant Dmitri Harcourt of the 77th Brigade of the Imperial Army is no exception, having been an Imperial Soldier for almost 15 years (and fighting well before that). While competent enough with a sword, he has long since put his blade aside for his true martial talent, his fists. Using his considerable physique, experience and fighting skills, he is able to defend his allies from attacks, keep them healthy, and crush his foes, almost all at once.

Dmitri is a physical character, first and foremost, and his Virtue Tree shows. His high HP, Defense, and considerable power keep him fighting longer than most anyone else, and those same virtues allow him to defend his allies and draw enemy attacks from less stout party members. In addition to that, he has basic healing abilities that work to keep everyone going a little longer in a pinch. Brawler moves allow Dmitri to shine at what he knows best; crushing the enemy with his fist and martial techniques. Defender techniques allow him to draw enemy aggression, defend allies, and keep his vitality up. Triage gives Dmitri a respectable pool of healing and defensive techniques that can keep him and his allies fighting a little longer. He's not a healer, but he can fill in for one!

Dmitri has been on the battlefield a long time, and he relies on his fists to do the talking. It turns out that they have a lot to say. While most of his attacks are purely physical, some have surprising attributes and all do heavy damage. His attacks can pierce physical defenses hard, and he's a good person to bring when enemies are especially susceptible to straight up damage.

Dmitri is also good at taking the hits for his allies, and such has a variety of abilities to taunt the enemy into focusing their aggression on him and him alone. He can also take direct hits for allies, and even counterattack. Are you a squishy mage? Dmitri has your back.

While not a dedicated healer, he also knows some basic healing magic to pep himself (and others) up after taking the beating for his allies. His high defense relieves him of the need for constant healing, but it's good to have in a pinch.

Thanks for reading! I hope you're enjoying these and getting a little better idea of how the battle system and its characters operate! Dais Kruetz is next!


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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
You should probably consider changing Excession to Exceedance if you can squeeze one more character onto the tag.
Huh. That IS better. I didn't even know that was a word. The more you know!
Impressive! I really like the "teleporting" effect and everything looks so smooth. What are the FPS?
Thanks! Right now, it's sitting at 20 FPS.
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