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Character Gameplay Showcase: Dais Kreutz

Sorry for the wait! Did you guys miss the Character Gameplay Showcase as much as I missed making them? Good, because it's back! If you missed the previous ones, check them out here!

Callox Pallisade
Dmitri Harcourt

Today we're going to introduce ourselves to the first magic specialist to help Callox on his journey, mage Dais Kreutz!

The Scholars of Adytum are an apolitical organization of mages, academics, and professors based out of the University of Vectis in the Alliance. Dais Kreutz, a mage and a Professor of Archeology is researching the recent fluctuations of Ether worldwide. Joining Callox, his skills in magic to crush enemy weaknesses, cripple enemy effectiveness, and boost his allies are sure to be a boon. He's spongy though, so make sure to stick him in the back row!

Dais is pure magery, all day, baby. While he's not the only magically oriented character in the game, he is the purest, with his stats and skills lending directly to magical ability. His Elementalist skills bring the might of the elements to bear on enemies, Hexer cripples and stumbles foes to be shredded later, and Arcanist is a well rounded mix of utility skills for allies.

When folks think of a mage, they often think of the forces of nature bending to their will, and Dais doeesn't want to disappoint. He can utilize elemental spells, hitting weaknesses and hitting them hard, with higher levels bringing cripping status effects as well.

Debuff and status reducing spells in Chronology are no joke, and Dais has a myriad of ways to reduce the effectiveness of tough enemies to be dealt with however you seem fit.

And of course, Dais has a few tricks up his sleeve when his allies need an extra oomph.

So that's how Dais rolls! He's your straight up mage, but many times that's just what you need. Next up is one of my favorite characters gameplay wise, the crafty alchemist, Metis! Stay tuned.


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I enjoy using the powerful mage types ^^
I do too! I like utilizing the power of magic, and I'm having fun balancing that aspect with the other character's strengths as well!
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