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Artists/Spriters Wanted!

If you've been following Chronology, you might be aware of my recent decision to move the game forward graphically by using original visual assets, to eventually 'uplift' the game into a more professional, polished, and hopefully commercial avenue.

To this end, I'm going to need the talent of spriters and other artists to make that dream come true. Right now, I'm assessing what I have vice what I need, and while I can handle some of the small stuff on my own or through purchasable assets, a lot of it is beyond me. So here's what I'll need;

-Character Sets
-Menu Assets
-Battle Backgrounds
-Battle Animations/Animations in general
-Misc sprite assets, like pictures and such

Most importantly, I need my visual direction to be both coherent and consistent with both itself, and the rough visual direction I have currently. That last part is sort of hard to quantify, but if you've been following my game for a while, you kind of know what visual direction I'm going for; the pure SNES, sort of darker, FFVI esque design feel.

All of this at once is a tall order, so I'm handling it piece by piece as I can get it. With that being said, if any of you know any spriters or artists or anyone that can fit that mold (even if they can only provide one of the type of assets I listed above), point me in their direction or point them in mine! It'll be a big help!