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Aeons ago, before planets and worlds came to be in the fabric of time,
Goddess Gaea the creator of Life and Rebirth, created six mystical elements
which made the foundation of a world. Nature, Fire, Water, Earth, Light,
and Shadow, these elements coalesced to form planets full of life and energy.

The world you live in is known as Lakria, a planet blooming with lush life
and full of wonderful mysteries and legends. Many inhabitants of the world
often give praise and thanks to Gaea for bestowing them such a life to live.

Until one day, the energy of the Lakria appears to be waning and the planet slowly begins to start dying. Everyone is in shock and is wondering what might be causing the planet's pain, they began to look up at the sky to Gaea for a miracle, hoping
she will once again visit the planet and bless it with rebirth.

:Spiritual Energy:
In the game, energy and spiritualism are heavily referenced throughout.
Spiritual energy pertains to the very essence that makes living things..
well, living. It is also the makeup of thoughts, emotions, and one's being.

There is positive Spiritual Energy, which is basically positive emotions
like kindness, optimism, purity, etc, which can really make one's aura
visible and shine. Negative Energy on the other hand is the exact
opposite, evil, greed, lust, doubt, and envy.

Spiritual Energy is also a source of which Magic is drawn from,
this allows one to use Magic depending on how great/type their energy is.

It is noted that in the world of Lakria, there are extremely powerful entities of spiritual energy that are capable of manifesting into physical material depending on what they seem to represent.


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Full Walkthrough Guide

Here is the download link to the full guide of Lakria Legends!
A very special thanks to Firefly84 for creating this special walkthrough.



great game there just 3 thing i dislike

1 i think erand side quest are boring and bring noting for charac devlopment

2 story became complex with all race and lord elemend hapend after get all elemental power

3 non party member dont level up i think it confuse like the puzle in mirage temple

4 game said we can ubgrate skill bu i never find how

great game msn continu i hope a sequel or mabe prequel why yoou want put savefrom menu because it hard do all puzle of a doungeon just for save a wait active in option soud be great too
last thing somebody can tell me how unlok each incarnation overdrive the guide tel me only sumonhelp me plrase
last thing somebody can tell me how unlok each incarnation overdrive the guide tel me only sumonhelp me plrase

Ren: his last dream
Night: Defeat Fate
I know that they learn their incarnations during gameplay. For Leena it should be the fully grown Seedsnapper.
Do your sidequests!
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
dd33, you have been told not to multipost, and shown/told how to edit. Please refrain from multiposting again. Thank you.
I found some bugs in v2.1:
-After defeating the volcano boss, when I went to the chief, the cutscene that plays after you defeated the bird replayed.
- I am still having issues with the lady letting me know when seeds are ready. One of my seeds I planted hasn't been ready now for over 10 hours of gameplay.
- When you first arrive in fairy island and you don't have the 6th party member, he will appear in the cutscene.
- The game crash on me in the Void Chamber when Peance scene came to in the village. (It's possible that a file didn't transfer correctly because I am playing through a USP port where the game content is stored)
- Hydro current spell works on all allies, not just one like the description says.
- Once all of your characters goes into the portal into Nivel for the first time, all of the birds that were in that area will appear when the screen darkens.