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:Elemental Tree:

Defending in battle works just as it is intended and reduces
the foe's incoming attack by half.

Defending also restores 2 MP every time it is used.

:Double/Triple Attack Chain:

Every time you or an ally use a normal attack in battle, there
is a probability of landing a double or triple attack chain.

The Double chain will let you attack twice, and the Triple
will allow a total of a 3-attack combo!

:Watcher Summons: (Optional)

Later throughout the course of the game, the option of acquiring the aid
of the powerful mystic Watchers will become available.
They must be conquered in battle in order to bestow you their power.

Watchers are extremely powerful summons in combat, they also require
a great amount of MP to use.

Chances of proccing a summon depend on
the amount of HP a character has. The lower the HP, the higher the
chance of activating the summon!

:Incarnations: (Optional

Incarnations are some of the most powerful skills in the game.
Each available party member has the ability of achieving
an Incarnation skill by completing a lengthy optional
story quest for each character.

The Incarnation skill manifests the character into a powerful
supernatural being of their element. Because of the
immense spiritual energy used in this attack, the user
must rest one full turn after.

:The Four Gifts of the Mermaid: (Optional)

This is an optional quest in Ishen. When completed,
you are awarded a choice between four gifts that
can be used during battle!

Power Mode

Power Mode gives a permanent increase to your Attack stat,
and as well as a proc during battle.

When Ren's HP falls at or below 20%, your attack will
stay doubled until you either die or are healed above 20%!

Magic Burst

Magic Burst gives a permanent increase to your Intellect stat
and as well as a proc during battle.

Every time Ren uses a normal attack against an enemy,
there is a chance to restore MP.

When you use a normal attack a total of three times,
energy that was stored is burst onto the field,
damaging all enemies.

Nature's Call

Nature's Call gives a permanent increase to your MP stat,
as well as a proc during battle!

Every time Ren uses a skill in battle, there is a chance
to call upon a creature of nature to help attack the enemy!

Swift Aid

Every time any ally uses an item in battle, there is
a chance that they can gain a bonus effect to
either HP or MP restoration!