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Lakria Legends 3.0 (Final Version)

:NEWEST VERSION 3.0: (7/2/19)

This finalized version contains a huge amount of fixes! There may still
be some message cutoffs or small typos here and there, still very few I'm sure. But this is about it, should be a finalized version, the game will stand alone on itself from here. Been a tremendous pleasure to work on this <3

- The full fight against FATE should operate normally as expected now
- Goliath boss fight now correctly drops Fairy Ink
- Lord Bryus first appearance now functions correctly
- Fixed an issue with a repeated scene in Gojiri Village
- Buffed the Heart Phase of the Divine boss fight moderately!
- Bestiary has been fixed and will allow running after use!
- Watcher dialogue has now been sped up!
- Fixed a few graphical isuses in Airkal Laboratory
- fixed some npc problems in Gaea's Haven
- Fixed some issues with the final cutscenes
- Fixed corrections with Watcher Jinn's name being mentioned as "Jiro"
- Corrected an instance in the battle against "Buudrah"
- Buffed the "Unicorn" summon slightly!
- Buffed Peace's "Mighty Earthquake" skill moderately!
- Buffed "Seedsnapper LV.2" slightly!
- Buffed both of Leena's "Wind Blast" skills moderately!
- Buffed "Enraged" and "Haste" statuses to last an extra turn!
- Fairy Ink Counter now displays correctly when Upgrading skills
- Fixed several graphical and other inconsistency issues within the Void Chamber
- Fixed a possible game crash in the Void CHamber
- Fixed a graphic bug when having "Dancing Wind" or "Third Eye Charm" equipped
- Buffed the Druid's Talon accessory!
- Buffed the fight with Fate significantly!
- Fixed an issue with certain weather effects affecting Nivel
- Nivel vendor now sells additional healing items
- Increased the drop rate of Treant Branches and Coilfang Skins
- Night can now correctly use his Watcher Summon!
_ Raised Leena's initial Level
- Raised Night's initial Level
- Raised Requirement of Night's Summon Quest to 50
- Buffed Goliath fight respectively
- Buffed Behemoth fight respectively
- Buffed Lichlord fight respectively

:Download Link:


Full Walkthrough Guide

Here is the download link to the full guide of Lakria Legends!
A very special thanks to Firefly84 for creating this special walkthrough.



Lakria Legends Ver. 2.1 Released!

:NEWEST VERSION 2.1: (2/13/18)

This overhauled version contains a huge amount of fixes!

- Corrects many typos, graphical bugs and inconsistencies
- Rebalanced EXP levels
- Full Bestiary Guide should work as intended
- Certain game-breaking bugs have been fixed
- Getting stuck in certain terrains/areas should not occur anymore
- Fixed an issue with a duplicate item with "Miracle Tear'
- Leena's Breath of Life skill now correctly removes all Sleep/Nightmare statuses
- Losing the ability to run in certain areas should now be fixed
- After defeating the Void Chamber's mini boss, party switching with Night
should work as intended!
- Added an external program(anotherfullscreenmode) to help certain players with fullscreen issues as well as added scaling and filter features!
- All spells, skills, summons, should now all function as intended
- Certain additional dialogue has been added throughout the game
- Masoud's sidequest is now explained in greater detail

This about wraps it up for additional fixes for the game. I will only continue to update if there are other huge problems that present themselves. Otherwise, I may just leave this version as it is! A huge amount of thanks to KyleLascar and Firefly84 for all their detailed help, advice, and findings! Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great time playing Lakria Legends :)

:Here is the link to the download:


Newest Version 2.0 released!

This is just an update in general for the game!
This version contains fixes for all bugs listed in the release blog
and other additional improvements as well!

If you are playing an older version, it is strongly recommended that
you download the latest one and just plug in your old save!
Everything should work fine and accordingly :)

Here is the download link!


Full game download is now out!!

Alright ladies and gentleman, here is the full version of the game!
Tons of bugs/glitches have been worked, balancing has been updated,
along with many other features!

Testing this massive game has proven challenging
and while I'm sure it is pretty polished up, there may
still be some small little issues lingering around.

If you happen to encounter any problems or bugs along the way of your journey, please feel free to let me know so I can go ahead and fix it up! :)



Lakria Legends is officially completed!

It is with great pride that I say that Lakria Legends has finally been completed. It took a great amount of time, even longer than expected, but worth every minute and hour invested! Looking back at different attempts for games that I used to try to develop, I never once got to fully complete a game due to hard drive corruptions, data loss, etc. Nevertheless, I kept striving to create something. The ambition grew more each time an obstacle presented itself.

With all that being said, the game is now entering its Testing Phases, and will be officially released very soon! Thanks for staying updated and with me this whole time, it is all deeply appreciated! :)

- KoopaKush


Original Full Soundtrack complete!/Final area development

I am extremely proud to announce that the original soundtrack to the game has officially been completed! A huge amount of time and dedication went into the process of this 50 track wondrous album. I congratulate the composer himself, Jeremiah George in all of his hard work and time for this project.

On another note, I'd also like to announce that the final area of the game has just hit development. Meaning that after this area, lies the final boss, confrontation, ending, etc. I can't believe it's finally come down to this. I just wanted to inform those that follow this game on where everything stood at the moment.

Thank you for your time!



Seriously amazed at how many people have shown interest and have downloaded and played the demo! It's every one of you that make me strive to create something of great quality and to keep on going. My one regret is never updating the demo with current changes just to see how far the game has gone.

I'm still working on this project very diligently and I'm nearing the end of it all! I know I promised the release a few months back, but changes and improvements had to be made, and I took way more time doing that than I expected, I know it happens to a lot of us out there. But don't fret, there really isn't much content left to be developed in game, I know the games completion will still be in this year. I had thought to upload updated demos and such, but with the full game nearing its completed state, I will use that as the finishing grace :)

Thanks to each and every one of you that has backed me up and shown interest in the projects, really do hope you all enjoy what's to come very soon!


Release Date Announced!


I am extremely proud to say that the full and complete version of Lakria Legends will be coming soon. I'm sure a lot can relate on just how much work and years I've been pouring into this project. It is all done with heart and I hope you all will really enjoy it! The official release date planned is 3/22/2017!

:Changes made in Full Version:

- Elemental Relics now have all the same stats but contain different perks, this way you can freely swap out your relics for different effects without the stat punish.

- Added a full and functional Beastiary that keeps track of Monster stats, loot, type, and informational tidbits.

- Added more animations, several cutscenes will now show more animations in characters, animation also added for paying respects to Gaea Statues.

- Original Artwork now included in Skill Trees, Party Selection, and Incarnation Skill Cut-Ins!

- Official and original musical score is now added as well!


Some screenshots of later development for your enjoyment!

Game Design

Dungeon Ranking System

Lakria Legends Dungeon Ranking System

Just updating the game here a bit and implementing some new things.

This is known as the Dungeon Rank System, in every dungeon of the game, you will be scored among getting and completing various things. These things include how many items in the dungeon you find, how many chests you found and opened, and how fast you completed the dungeon.

Ranks are based as follows:
S Rank - Met all requirements!
A Rank - Missed one requirement
B Rank - Missed two requirements
C Rank - Missed all three

You will be rewarded with various loot, gold and EXP depending on which rank you achieved for the dungeon. Hope this little system will encourage those completionists, those who love exploring, or also just as a nice incentive!
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