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Release Date Announced!


I am extremely proud to say that the full and complete version of Lakria Legends will be coming soon. I'm sure a lot can relate on just how much work and years I've been pouring into this project. It is all done with heart and I hope you all will really enjoy it! The official release date planned is 3/22/2017!

:Changes made in Full Version:

- Elemental Relics now have all the same stats but contain different perks, this way you can freely swap out your relics for different effects without the stat punish.

- Added a full and functional Beastiary that keeps track of Monster stats, loot, type, and informational tidbits.

- Added more animations, several cutscenes will now show more animations in characters, animation also added for paying respects to Gaea Statues.

- Original Artwork now included in Skill Trees, Party Selection, and Incarnation Skill Cut-Ins!

- Official and original musical score is now added as well!


Some screenshots of later development for your enjoyment!


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I am very excited for the full release of this game. It is looking good so far and I am sure it will continue to.
Will definitely be checking this game out!
Thank you very much fellas, I promise I will deliver :) If there's any questions about anything concerning the game, I'd be more than happy to answer that!
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