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Release Date Announced!


I am extremely proud to say that the full and complete version of Lakria Legends will be coming soon. I'm sure a lot can relate on just how much work and years I've been pouring into this project. It is all done with heart and I hope you all will really enjoy it! The official release date planned is 3/22/2017!

:Changes made in Full Version:

- Elemental Relics now have all the same stats but contain different perks, this way you can freely swap out your relics for different effects without the stat punish.

- Added a full and functional Beastiary that keeps track of Monster stats, loot, type, and informational tidbits.

- Added more animations, several cutscenes will now show more animations in characters, animation also added for paying respects to Gaea Statues.

- Original Artwork now included in Skill Trees, Party Selection, and Incarnation Skill Cut-Ins!

- Official and original musical score is now added as well!


Some screenshots of later development for your enjoyment!

Game Design

Dungeon Ranking System

Lakria Legends Dungeon Ranking System

Just updating the game here a bit and implementing some new things.

This is known as the Dungeon Rank System, in every dungeon of the game, you will be scored among getting and completing various things. These things include how many items in the dungeon you find, how many chests you found and opened, and how fast you completed the dungeon.

Ranks are based as follows:
S Rank - Met all requirements!
A Rank - Missed one requirement
B Rank - Missed two requirements
C Rank - Missed all three

You will be rewarded with various loot, gold and EXP depending on which rank you achieved for the dungeon. Hope this little system will encourage those completionists, those who love exploring, or also just as a nice incentive!

Game Design

Beastiary Journal Feature

Lakria Legends - Beastiary Journal

This is a little look at the Beastiary Journal for the game.
It will keep track of all the enemies you have encountered
so far in the game.

Among that, it will list some pretty important information about
the enemy. Things like it's attributes, it's weaknesses, it's
loot table, and it's monster type and location.

Things like this will help with battle strategies, and monster/item farming.

Game Design

Updated Game Intro and Reworked Relic System

Here is a video to the latest update to the game's intro that I have worked on. It features
the original music for the game itself and a few reworked scenes!

Reworked Relic System

If you have played the demo, then you might already be familiar with
Elemental Relics in the game. They are acquirable items that are
found off of mini bosses and major bosses. They upgrade your basic stats
and also provided some elemental and status resistances. They still
function the same, but I have added an extra ability that they provide.

These relics will now apply certain upgrades or buffs to that character
that the relic applies to. Be it an upgrade to existing Skills or to their stats themselves. These buffs will only be active as along as the Relic is equipped.
Here are a few examples at some buffs these Relics can provide to certain characters.

Radiant Relic - "Rising Fangs" now has a chance to cause Blind!
Lumination Relic - 'Unsheathed Energy" now hits all enemies with less damage

Ripple Relic - 'Chakram Throw" now inflicts Water damage!
Waterfall Relic - "Crystal Shard' now inflicts 25% extra damage!

Molten Relic - "Rapid Sunder" loses Stun but gains Silence effect
Magma Relic - "Fire Pillar" now inflicts 50% extra damage!


Original Soundtrack in development!!

This was brought upon myself around a few months ago and I decided to finalize my answer. Original work can really help with the vision and immersion of your own video game and the story you are trying to convey. I do not intend to go commerical with the soundtrack or the video game itself, and the game will still be free to play as it was always intended. I just believe that with more original work, the immersion and original feel is there.

With that being said, I present to you a listen to the battle theme for Lakria Legends! More work will be coming soon, credit is due to the amazingly talented music composer, Mctricky!

Lakria Legends OST - Battle Theme!

Game Design

Skill Tree / Upgrade System

Here is another little system I've been working on! You can collect rare Fairy Ink to upgrade your skills to the next Tier!

Some are upgraded to further increase damage and add additional effects, others can change the play style of that character! There will be some neat combinations!

Game Design

Animation Update! :)

Here everyone, I've still been working away on this game day by day, and seem to be adding some new tidbits each time lol. Aside from Watcher Summons and Incarnations, other summons will also be available for each character. I've recently been working on some new ones, and here's a little preview! :)


UPDATE! New Demo version 2.2 is out!

Hello everyone! I am updating the demo once again, but this will not contain
any extra content. Instead, I have fixed a lot of bugs that were present throughout the game, and fixed up the menu and battle features. I don't
expect everything to be extremely polished as there may be something I may
have missed. If you find anything odd, please report it! :) Thank you and game on!

- Fixed Side Party Member actions

- Fixed Ancient Flute actions

- Added changes your party's facesets during battle

- Added a custom battle transition for bosses


Game Design

Update! Alfard City Preview

This is a video preview showing the progress of designing the Imperial city of Alfard.
It's supposed to be the biggest in the game containing a huge amount of different things
(shops, games, church, markets, etc) I mainly wanted to show the Church and the Pub!

I do apologize for youtubes dumbing down on quality and playback speed.

I assure you that it does look way cleaner and smoother! :p

Game Design

Preference on Dungeon Length

I've been noticing that the lengthiest process for me in creating my video game are designing and structuring the layouts for dungeons. I've been heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda series when it comes to creating dungeons, simply because they just have a special charm to them.

I wanted to write this to ask everyone out there on what they think is an appropriate amount of time(for you) to finish a dungeon, gameplay wise of course. The last two dungeons I have recently made, span to at least one hour. I understand that some developers rely on the same puzzles and gimmicks to further increase duration, but this is not the case. I'd like to hear various perspectives from everyone :) thank you!
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