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New Demo 2.1 Available!

Hello there, I recently decided to look at the previous demo and make some alterations to it.

. Some stats for both heroes and enemies have been changed a little.
. The skill "Eruption" has been removed from Leon(Was not supposed to be learned yet)

I have been working on something new in the game called "Incarnations", check it out!


Hijiro Mountain Tileset Issue

There is a known tileset error upon entering Hijiro Mountain, that won't
allow your character to continue walking on a bridge leading into the next

The download file has already been updated for the fix, but for those
that are experiencing this problem, you can go ahead and download this file
here, and replace the current one in your game folder.

It should be golden now, please don't hesitate to note if you encounter any other mishaps as well!

Here is the file link: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/38669/locker/RPG_RT.ldb


New Demo Version 2.0 available!

Hello everyone! I decided to create a new expanded demo, (V 2.0) and release it tonight. This demo is more expansive than the previous 1.3 release and offers new plugins, quests, characters, bosses, and a little deeper into the storyline.

Here are some new things 2.0 features:
Play Time System in Main Menu
Stat/MP Popups in Battle
Fixed Running System (Now able to hold Shift and perform Actions)
A new dungeon featuring a main boss and 2nd Essence
10 New Quests
Various bug fixes
Various hotfixes on spells and attacks
Battle speed is now revamped to be faster
New Items and Weapons
Lowered the Encounter Rate
New Item "Monster Repellent" that further lowers the frequency of encounters

Here is the link :)

Game Design

Party Select System

Party Selection System

Just testing and showing an event/variable based Party Selection system with pictures,
animations, switches and just about everything else!
Feedback is always appreciated :)

Game Design

New features being added to the game!

Hello, the game has still been going under heavy development and is progressing quite smoothly actually. I wanted to list some of the changes and new things that have recently been added to the game.

. (Monster Repellent) is now an item that is purchasable from most shops
and pretty much works like it's name. Encounters will occur a lot less often
when the item is used. The item's duration lasts until you encounter a monster.

. (Menu System) The menu system has been altered as well, thanks to PespiOtaku and his awesome plugins and coding. It now features an in-game clock to keep track of your play time and a random background is implemented every time you visit the Menu Screen. Basically aesthetically pleasing, and efficient as well!

. (Stat Changes in Battles) This is also another thanks to PepsiOtaku for this one!
With this, whenever you use certain skills or spells that increase a player's attack or defense for example, you will see pop-up numbers for how much you raised that stat. It would look like "+45 ATK", it really adds to the depth of the statistics of battling, and you can keep track of your buffs and debuffs a lot easier. It does work vice versa when you have your own stats lowered as well.


The music and progress of Lakria Legends

Aside from the multiple credited resources I have used in this game that are not mine, I as well compose some of the music for my game as well. I just wanted to show a piece for those who are interested in many different development stages of game-making.

Here is a piece to be used in one of the last dungeons of the game https://soundcloud.com/koopakush/temple-in-the-sky

If you're interested in just the music, you'll find a great variety of music from Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Video Game music on my soundcloud profile.

About the game development, the game is currently going strong and more seems to keep being added to keep it fresh and lively. I have noticed that I have been spending many hours on maps, even just one map trying to bring it to life, adding the best detail that I would imagine resembles an actual fantasy world (ironic I know) lol. :) Anyways, progress is smooth, and I'd say the game is heading to completion in a few months hopefully!


Lakria Legends Demo V 1.3 has been posted!

This updated demo still features the same amount of content that the previous versions did, though it comes with many bug/interface fixes and as well as a new Achievement System. Some sound and music interface has been changed as well.
Thanks and enjoy!



Bug Exterminator

Hey there!

I just wanted to post a current update on my current project Lakria Legends and say that there were quite a few bugs that have already been corrected within the demo and the progressing full game (including some text, and other aspects of the physicality of the game)

If you encountered any bugs or problems with the demo, let me know, and I'll make sure that if it hasn't been cleared to do so. My goal for this blog and for the game, is to make sure that it is pretty much bug-free until the end.

Some say it's rather impossible to do, but I aim to do my best about this so that the game can be enjoyed fully. Plenty of other secrets and new updates coming your way soon! ;) thank you!

- KoopaKush


About the Demo

Has anyone who has played, ran into any trouble so far? I had realized that when
I packaged the game, I noticed I did not include the RTP, the game does
use some of it, (a few backdrops and some sound effects.)

If there are some notable problems, bugs, or glitches, I
will be more than happy to reupload a patched up version. :)


Lakria Legends Demo Released!

I have gotten around to releasing a demo which shows off the beginning story as well as some of it's progression.

There is one main dungeon included, along with many
quests and other mechanics and puzzles to find. The demo's ending point is
right at Hijiro Mountain before entering.

The overall demo should be roughly 2-3 hrs. Thank you all for your
time and for those who looked forward to this!

About the file size, it is mainly due to the usage of MP3s and I'm sorry about that, but it's sort of a thing for me to usually use. So I can't really say
much on that matter, if it is a problem, I could look into compression. :)
The full game should be about a total of 350mb. Thank you very much!
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