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:NEWEST VERSION 2.1: (2/13/18)

This overhauled version contains a huge amount of fixes!

- Corrects many typos, graphical bugs and inconsistencies
- Rebalanced EXP levels
- Full Bestiary Guide should work as intended
- Certain game-breaking bugs have been fixed
- Getting stuck in certain terrains/areas should not occur anymore
- Fixed an issue with a duplicate item with "Miracle Tear'
- Leena's Breath of Life skill now correctly removes all Sleep/Nightmare statuses
- Losing the ability to run in certain areas should now be fixed
- After defeating the Void Chamber's mini boss, party switching with Night
should work as intended!
- Added an external program(anotherfullscreenmode) to help certain players with fullscreen issues as well as added scaling and filter features!
- All spells, skills, summons, should now all function as intended
- Certain additional dialogue has been added throughout the game
- Masoud's sidequest is now explained in greater detail

This about wraps it up for additional fixes for the game. I will only continue to update if there are other huge problems that present themselves. Otherwise, I may just leave this version as it is! A huge amount of thanks to KyleLascar and Firefly84 for all their detailed help, advice, and findings! Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great time playing Lakria Legends :)

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