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Let us magnify the gem that is Lakria Legends. ^_^

  • Starmage
  • 01/17/2018 04:07 PM
Greetings everyone! Welcome to my review for Lakria Legends by KoopaKush! :)

My first impression on the game is that it is an extremely well-polished game! It is only fair if I create such hype for its' graphics, beautiful musical scores, clean eventing, fast-paced gameplay and interesting story-line with New age philosophies added unto it! And that's just my first impressions! ^_^ For an RM2k3 game, it is extremely well-done! I can't imagine the work put into it to make the game as shiney as it is now! So if you're up for a Classic RPG to bring out those RPG-loving cells come to life? Then this game is most definitely a good to go for you! :)


As I said before, its' graphics and clean eventing has created such a wonderful cinematic-like feeling in its' cutscenes. (And yep, that's an RM2k3 game!). You wake up as a male teenager who's actually already pretty decent with swordsmanship. Now I know this kind of setting may seem cliche, but its' fine execution and amazing graphics make up for it to a double! The game immerses you into its' story in a very magical and mystifying way that you'd see past that.


The Story is actually very interesting! It has some amazing concepts of spirituality, astral planes, empathy and the metaphysical that I really really love! It is centered around a world that is fading from its' energies and life-force. It is up to you as a hero to recover the essences while a group of evil forces tries to harass you, your family and your friends. Over-all, this is a huge world that can really get you lost in full immersion. Just Spectacular!


The game itself is super fun. You can Run, Climb, Jump, Swim, Go fishing and do many more exciting stuff. There are even exciting features such as the Skill tree upgrading, Crafting and many more. The weather system + the informative bestiary is also implemented very well for a very old engine. So kudos to the Author for all these amazing features that are all well-implemented on an old engine.


The battle is a very fun fast-paced RTAB system. It's neat, action-packed with cool animations and it keeps you hooked! I'm also loving the Chain-attacks that gets activated whenever you take enough damage from enemies. Overall, it's pretty classic yet has the fun and thrill of a full-fledged modern RPG battle system. :)


My favorite So far have been Leena, I like her Empathic nature and close connection to the spirit realm as a Spiriter. I can also see these characteristics with Serene. Overall I can easily find sympathy for most of the Characters. Well maybe except for Leon, he's such a narcissist. xDD


Absolutely gorgeous game and I can see the massive amount of effort and details being put into the creation of this game. It's very creative and innovative! The 5 Stars from me are well deserved!!


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Oh wow, I did not expect this at all!! I just want to say thank you so much for the kind words and I'm so glad that you had a very nice experience with the game! I really tried my best to utilize this engine to its fullest potential, so that will explain a lot of the features that are in the game :)

This project was in the works for about a good 8 years, and I'm so glad that it's really proving to be shown and worth it! While there are some standard tropes and cliches, the overall aspect of the story I tried to differentiate from. As a really spiritual individual, you can see why and where I decided to add such themes. Thank you so much for the time and effort for the review once again, all of this never goes unappreciated! Much love and great luck to you on your journey as a person and developer :) <3
Hi KoopaKush! Of course! I did enjoy the game very much and I can really say that your efforts have really paid off for this game! :D And wow, to think you worked for 8 years on this game? So much dedication and passion are really present! :D

And yes, the story's spiritualism is indeed the biggest point that I loved. ^_^ As I too, can relate to it on a soul-level. ;)

Thank you also for this experience and may you keep the creativity up! :D
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