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Gaia has entered an industrial revolution and with it comes all the trappings of the old and new colliding with each other. Steam and steel are over taking magic and myth, religion is ceding to secularism, and tensions between competing nations raises the specter of war. Amid all this we find our heroes struggling to take command of their own destiny and find peace in a tumultuous world.


  • -Expansive Skill Tree System.
  • -Special combat skills through equipment.
  • -Fully Animated Custom Time-based Battle System.
  • -Multiple playable characters.
  • -Original Soundtrack.
  • -Some original graphics.

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Latest Blog

For Real Hiatus


As it turns out, moving halfway across the country, starting a new job, and building a new life can be very time consuming. In the last four months, I've been establishing myself in my new home and city and things have been very difficult. I don't have a car, and I've had two bikes stolen from me, my only means of transportation outside of spotty public transit. For those reasons and more I haven't been working on Opus.

There's also a question of DYNRpg and the new legal version of rm2k3. For now, DYNRpg has been given the go-ahead under a new revised EULA, but there doesn't seem to be any rush to update DYNRpg to 1.10a. Which is fine, honestly, because like I said before, I haven't really had time or motivation to work on the project anyway.

I've been delaying posting anything about this for a while, telling myself I'll get to it eventually, but I think after four months I should post something. I don't know how long Opus will go into hiatus, and honestly, it may not come out of hiatus. I will post a blog if I do decide to cancel it. If you're at all interested in seeing a game actually finished by me, then fear not, I'll only cancel Opus if I have another project to work on. I'm playing with ideas. I'm imagining something shorter and more manageable. I'm getting to that point where I'd like to have something to show for all my years in gam mak.

There are quite a few different platforms I'm interested in, as well. Namely rpg20xx. I'd love to make a game using that software. The recent news of MV is also very intriguing, but of course, that's a long way off and my use of the software is dependent on what it has to offer, which no one can say as of now.

So, there it is, a comprehensive list of excuses. I feel better now.
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
the Tier screen sold me :D
gotta give people props on battle rpgs
my imagination can make a story but the thought of balancing characters and enemys would be pretty rough
my personal fav is when you even have to train to deal with basic enemys at the start and have a difficult if not powerful optional boss somewhere :D
since its optional noone can complain that its too strong :3(they still will)

looking 4ward to this ill play test it if you need one
i check this site on a daily basis 2-3 times a day so later :D
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ive never made a game my self ive heard each version of rpg maker is different has has its goods and bad
some may have a better battle system
some may have a better graphics acceptance ect

the only thing i can say is for your 1st thing dont amke one you feel attached too
thats a major mistake
when your going for something medium or large in size
have some exp 1st
so at the very least when it comes to programming you know what you have to do you just need the time and maybe help to do it
from the games ive played vx ace is used alot more then the 2k3 in fact that seems to be used pretty rarely i cant even think of one good game made with it but thats just my opinion
im 2 busy with other hobbies and work to add making/learning how to make a game
to the list but im quite fine with testing and bringing bugs up
ive seen some basic tutorial videos related to making games and have talked with game designers so im quite aware how much time and effort people spend on their projects
and sadly go un appreciated by those who dont understand

o instead of dropping this
consider putting it into hiatus until your either more experienced(if necessary ,you have the help needed(if needed)
or your sure how and what program you wish to work with

having some light 10-15 minute shorts could help with that

if nothing else talk with other developers
ones that are experienced will know whats good and bad about each rpg maker type and suggest stuff
could even make doing certain things easier :D

the maker of lamia nox is a cool guy who checks this site reasonably often :3
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
This looks cool, ill be watching for a download! Subbed
Subbed. :)
Looking forward to trying this out.
Downloading now!
Sorry for the extremely late response, but I just got around to finishing this up.
I have to say, good work!
Especially in regards to the CMS.
Keep it up!
Looking forward to your next release.
Sorry for the extremely late response, but I just got around to finishing this up.
I have to say, good work!
Especially in regards to the CMS.
Keep it up!
Looking forward to your next release.

Thanks for the response nonetheless! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though, did you mean CBS? Because the CMS should have been locked and inaccessible.

I'm still working on this, but I'm in the middle of a big move, so I haven't done much and thus don't have much new content to show. Hopefully soon I'll find some time to get back to it,
Custom Battle System.*
I don't know where my brain is, buddy.
Yesssss! Finally get to try this out. -_-; Gotta say though stupid download limit is evil! I was so nervous it'd pass me by while I was jamming out to Metalica, but I got 'er now! Let ya know what I think soon, Dren.
Subscribed...Got love the Battle system alot.You've done a great job with the overall system.Can wait to see the full version!?
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