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For Real Hiatus


As it turns out, moving halfway across the country, starting a new job, and building a new life can be very time consuming. In the last four months, I've been establishing myself in my new home and city and things have been very difficult. I don't have a car, and I've had two bikes stolen from me, my only means of transportation outside of spotty public transit. For those reasons and more I haven't been working on Opus.

There's also a question of DYNRpg and the new legal version of rm2k3. For now, DYNRpg has been given the go-ahead under a new revised EULA, but there doesn't seem to be any rush to update DYNRpg to 1.10a. Which is fine, honestly, because like I said before, I haven't really had time or motivation to work on the project anyway.

I've been delaying posting anything about this for a while, telling myself I'll get to it eventually, but I think after four months I should post something. I don't know how long Opus will go into hiatus, and honestly, it may not come out of hiatus. I will post a blog if I do decide to cancel it. If you're at all interested in seeing a game actually finished by me, then fear not, I'll only cancel Opus if I have another project to work on. I'm playing with ideas. I'm imagining something shorter and more manageable. I'm getting to that point where I'd like to have something to show for all my years in gam mak.

There are quite a few different platforms I'm interested in, as well. Namely rpg20xx. I'd love to make a game using that software. The recent news of MV is also very intriguing, but of course, that's a long way off and my use of the software is dependent on what it has to offer, which no one can say as of now.

So, there it is, a comprehensive list of excuses. I feel better now.


Production Hiatus

In the last month I've spent all my time (and money) moving halfway across the US from the Northeast to the South. As such I haven't had any time to work on Opus or post updates. I am settling in and hope to get back to work within the following weeks.

Kind of a short and unorganized blog entry, but I just wanted you all to know that I have not given up on this project and updates are forthcoming!


The OST!

Today (well actually, a couple of days ago), I made a separate page on my game profile to showcase some of the music I'm creating for the game's sound track. Most of the songs have already been written in anvil studios, but thanks to the power and wonder of LMMS (Linux Multi-Media Studio) I've stepped up my game! I plan to convert all the sound tracks to .ogg or .mp3, depending on what format ends up being easier to add loop tags using whatever plugin or patch I'll inevitably have to use because... well, rm2k3...

That being said, it would be boring and oversimplified to just import midis into LMMS, slap some soundfonts onto them, and export them. They'd also likely sound like garbage or be horribly unbalanced. So the main point of this page is to showcase experiments in the new studio environment and get some feedback as I'm not use to this kind of software. It's incredibly powerful but I've fallen in love.

So, just a short little blurb about my activities I wanted to share with y'all. After rushing to try and release a tech demo for RS!D I've been spending my time not debugging and working on music.


Opus and AoA

For the last few months I found myself spending my spare time tinkering with an old project of mine - one I have not touched in almost four years. What I found fascinating was the custom, event-based battle system I had started developing. I'd forgotten just how much work I'd actually put into it. Now, with the help of a few nifty DynRPG plugins, I've nearly completed it. Working on this project the past couple months has led me down a very nostalgic road and I consider myself a stupid, sappy romantic, so I started getting worked up about making RPGs again.

And so this project was once again, born anew. And as such, I thought a fresh new title would be appropriate. There are also, of course, more substantive reasons for the change in the title. This game will be vastly different from the one I was working on four years ago. That's where AoA comes in. AoA was the old project - Apathy of Angels. And it was a great stepping stone, a learning curve, but now something very different is coming along. I'm feeling much more confident going forward with this new project and I expect development to move very quickly now that the battle system is nearly complete. Also, a large majority of the maps, the skill tree, the characters, story and events are already there, ready to go, I just need to implement some new details, graphics and the all-important battle system.

So I hope this is the beginning of something great. I'm feeling very optimistic. I'm excited for any and all feedback, especially criticisms. I know there's not too much to look at right now, within the next few weeks, I plan to release a tech demo. Tentatively, I point to the end of March. Prior to release, I will announce an official date.

So, that's it. I guess this is the announcement that I'm officially picking this back up an running with it.
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