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Fearing her father's inevitable breakdown after the stresses of his job in the last few years, Emi has taken it upon herself to arrange a holiday away. Enter the small seaside village of Hearthfoam, with a friendly population and days filled of warmth. There she hopes to reconnect with her father and heal his broken heart.

However, a mysterious face from Emi's dark past has come back to haunt her and as she struggles to solve the identity of this person, the dark history of the town and it's populace is brought closer and closer to the light.

Will Emi find the cause of these events? Will she be able to reconcile herself with the darkness of her own past? And will she and her father be able to finally get the rest they so deserve?

CONTRIBUTORS (Current Sign-ups)
- Deckiller
- AlterEgo
- Gourd_Clae
- Archeia_Nessiah
- Little Wing Guy
- PepsiOtaku
- Marrend
- orochii
- BurningTyger
- Choco-ElliotWyvern
- seiromem
- jedahxii

What is this?

This is the third episode of the Map Madness series. It is a collaborative effort where people join up and make a map using the graphics specified. The maps are then made into a game that can be enjoyed by all who play.

The focus of this collaboration is Horror and Mystery. The setting this time is a town - Hearthfoam. Contributors will each have a household to create (just the inside areas) with a list of NPCs to include. Each can create a short horror story for their mini-cast and do as they like with the house as long as they keep within the general rules of the event.

If anyone is unsure of whether something will be allowed or has any questions, either PM me (Liberty) or ask in the comments below.

How do I join?

Sign up in the comments below, make your map and send it to me (Liberty) before the 10th of November. I will then 'sew' it all together into a coherent game.

When you sign up you will receive a short PM with a list of no more than four names. What you do with these characters is up to you - you can kill them off, create a mini-mystery in their house, generate a back story for one or all of them or create a picture of them through diary entries. As long as they're alluded to in your map/s somewhere, then it counts as an entry.

You will also receive a note of which switches and variables you may use - something in the line of:
Switches: 31 - 60
Variables: 21 - 40

Remember that this series is made using the RPG Maker 2003 engine.

This time around you'll get 30 switches and 20 variables to begin with. If you need more, PM me as soon as you can and I'll send you extra numbers for your use.


- You must use <<REFMAP>> graphics to create your map. (You can edit them if necessary but use them as the base of your maps.)
- Each map must be no larger than 30x30. This makes it easier to finish them in a timely manner (though if you ask, I won't mind something a bit bigger - no larger than 50x50 unless you have very good reason. Remember, we're doing inside of houses this time. They don't need to be extreme.)
- You may have up to three maps (more if you wish, but ask me beforehand).
- Each map must have at least one exit, whether they be stairs or doorways.
- Extensions only if asked for before the 10th, and then, only of a day or two.
- Don't go too overboard in creating your mini-mystery/horror/houses. We do want these to be finished before October~
- This time around you get a house each to create - up to three floors. This means you may have a basement and first floor, two top floors, just one floor or hidden rooms. Three maps in total (unless asked before hand).
- If you require more switches or variables, ask me and I'll give an extra 20 or so.
- Do not use anything in the Database - this means no default battles, no monsters, no items, no skills or animations of any kind.
- Keep in mind this is a town. People live in the houses you're creating. As such, you can make mini stories about these characters but keep to the theme of mystery and horror.
- Please no movie files. Parallaxes and overlays are fine, but keep in mind the grid if you do decide to parallax. >.<;


When submitting please do the following:
- Make sure all sounds, character sets, pictures, parallaxes and chipsets used are in the folder. These include RTP sounds that you might have used.
- Zip up the whole game folder and send me a link to it. Lockers are ideal for this.
- If you created a mystery or puzzle, please add a small text document giving instructions for solving. This will help a lot when creating the actual walkthrough later on.
- All maps must be in by the 20th of October, Midnight GMT.

Questions and Queries

Can we use facesets?
I'd prefer they weren't used. If you need to differentiate people, to make it all fit well together coloured names would be preferred. If there's a specific reason to them, just ask me and I'll let you know, though. ^.^

What's with the names of these events?
They're from something my cousin wrote just before he killed himself. So, the series is a sort of homage to him in that respect. I do hope no-one minds.
The here and now of yesterday
Where end Time's saddest songs
Apon the brow of tomorrow, clear
We, thoughtless, dream along
And through the truth of never-been
Sit, watch as time flies by
For left, unspoken words I hear
And empty lyrics lie

Latest Blog

Not the best of news...

Okay, so I'll lay it straight out for everyone: We probably won't make the deadline of 31st this year.

Why? Frankly, because I've received only two houses so far and while I don't mind making lots of the filler content to boost up the map count/adventure, the fact that this is supposed to be a collaborative effort begs for more collaboration.

Now, I'm not blaming anyone. Part of it is my own fault for not pimping the game enough and getting more people involved. We have a very large event running at the moment and most people are doing that instead - thus we've a lot less people doing maps than in previous years.

It's understandable - a lot of people are building their own projects and are focussing on getting them done before the deadline. I've recieved a few PMs asking for a bit more time and that's fine: I don't mind giving it. Of course, this means that the deadline is also set back a bit more.

Thus, I have this news and an idea: We probably won't make the deadline. That's currently a given, especially if we want a game to be proud of and not a quick mish-mash of maps and stories.

Hence, I think we should push for a mid-November map deadline. I say mid-November, because my life is going to get a little complicated at the start of the month, dealing with some medical issues and I might not have much time for RMing (which is one of the reasons I really wanted to finish it before the 1st).

This gives everyone more time, I'll try to pimp up the project in the mean-time so that we get some more mappers and by the time I get back there should be enough maps to make something glorious.

I hope you guys don't mind too much. I know that this means we don't get the participation MS/badge for the Halloween event, but again, I'll ask about getting everyone something as compensation (your own special badges and maybe a little MS).

So, that's where we currently stand. Any questions? Suggestions? Thoughts?


@BurningTyger: Only database entries are not allowed, RTP files should be fine... But I can't think of a single 'scary' RTP tune.

@seiromem: I think I had that problem once. Make sure that your 'Projects' folder is not set to 'Read only' or something like that.

try changing the folder path to your desktop.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
try changing the folder path to your desktop.

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: Also, do I need to import every chipset from the Refmap?
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
Importing all the chipsets is probably unnecessary. Unless you want to make that many areas?

Just import the ones you think you'll use, then, when time to send the map in, delete the ones you didn't. It'd be nice if everyone renames their chip/character sets so that I don't get doubles and triples of the same ones (it helps a whole lot. Just put your name in front of the default name, especially if you've made edits to it.)

As always, Nessy knows just the right thing to do. ^.^

If anyone has trouble finding the right music, just leave it blank and I'll find something to suit the map. (I'll try not to edit musical choices at all, bar something drastically unfitting and volume, since that's a personal touch, though.)
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I may need to ask for a few extra floors.
Alright, just let me know how many so I know where to place your house on the town map (probably a cut-off point now.)
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Alright, just let me know how many so I know where to place your house on the town map (probably a cut-off point now.)
Not sure yet- probably an extra basement or 2. Anyway I was wondering if I might do a town museum instead of a house, or maybe both. I'd like to actually be involved in the weaving of the plot this time. I kind a have an idea for something that might work well with the bit of plot you have already.

Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
A note to everyone:

During my brainstorming I came up with a "local deity" named Ammonar. If anyone's interested in learning more, please let me know.

Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Ack triple-post! I need to be more careful and do edits.

Anyway, Liberty, what kinds of public spaces does Hearthfoam have? I was thinking of having only some of the events in my story take place in the house itself, with other scenes about town; for example, at least one takes place in the pub, if there is one. I'm currently assuming the town has a pub, a library, and a museum . . .
This story is taking on a life of its own...
*Edit8 I can use journal entries to cover some of the scenes outside the house, however. One of the other players likes the idea of Ammonar so she's likely to show up a few times...
BT, you can use journal entries, dialogue and the like to infer to those places but not the actual places themselves. I'm not going to have all of Hearthfoam explorable or we'd never get the game done on time. That said, there's definitely an Inn, Library, Pub, beach and bakery included. If you have scenes you need in them, be sure to write them out in a text file and I'll add them in when I get to creating those places.
The reason for this is that there's already an over-all story planned. The parts you guys are making will slot into that story and set the atmosphere, provide a history for the town and characters with-in it. ^.^

I am very happy to see people being enthusiastic about their ideas but just don't forget the mapping in the meantime, okay? Setting an atmosphere is part of the mappers' job as well, not just the story. :D
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Don't worry, I Won't forget about the maps.
I was wondering if I could get a little bit of background on Hearthfoam. Stuff like what day and age it is? I just want to know what knowledge my NPC's should have so I know what they can and can't talk about.
The setting is late 90s-early 00s. Hearthfoam is small and inclosed - they don't know much about what's going on in the outside world because they choose to focus instead on living and working. That said, they get some tourists during the summer, though not as many as other towns along the shoreline do.

Think pre-iphone, when the internet is just starting to get into swing. Summing up, it's semi-modern with supernatural elements. Just slot in your details and I'll edit them a little if they don't fit or make them fit. ^.^
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I'm finding myself so confused trying to work with these tiles, it's kinda depressing.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Just do your best- add stuff if you need anything or ask me. I have things from Don Miguel's expanded RTP as well as a few original things. Frankly, for my bit, Ammonar is out and Africa is in; let's just say that in the past not all who worked in Hearthfoam were free... Now, to put this in a map... *Edit* Glargle so little time.
Oh man. I so wanna join in. I just dont have time for it ;_; I was in the manor map madness team and that was amazing. Does any of you guys know if there will be another map madness after this one?
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Yes, about five more, according to the "2 of 8 episodes completed"
Once this is complete, it'll be 3 of 8, meaning 5 more.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
*Edit8 Does anyone know of sprite resources for hoop skirts?
Just a random RMNer once again.
Oh crap I have three days.