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Hey all,

Just a short note this time to let everyone who signed up know that the date for map submissions has been extended to the 17th of November. I've got a bunch of stuff going on irl that has made it a bit difficult for me to focus on gammak in general and in particular.

This also means that people are more than welcome to sign up if they think they can get a map or three done in the three weeks until then. So... yeah, that's all.


Take #2

Okay, so we ballsed it up last time and it didn't get anywhere. Fine. It's been a while since a Map Madness event and hell, why not now? I've recovered from the crushing disappointment of the last Town Map Madness and am ready to finally tackle the beast again.

Now, you will need to sign up again as I've changed the prompt a little. Last time everyone got a list of names of the people in their household. This time, instead, you will get a secret to hide in your house!

Now, aside from the secret, you have options about what to put in the house. You can make it a cozy family home or an abandoned fisherman's cottage, a small one-room flat or a multi-story townhouse. You can have people living there, or not, and it's your choice on who they are (if you add anyone!) and what they do.

Of course, there are rules still. Three maps total, set sizes for the maps and graphics linked for use. You may edit the graphics if need be, too.

On top of all that, there will be a badge this time around for those who take part! That said, if your contribution is below par, you may be asked to fix it and/or have it denied on being too low a quality.

So, to sign up, head to the SIGN UP HERE page, throw your name down and get ready for a nice seaside trip!

Progress Report

Not the best of news...

Okay, so I'll lay it straight out for everyone: We probably won't make the deadline of 31st this year.

Why? Frankly, because I've received only two houses so far and while I don't mind making lots of the filler content to boost up the map count/adventure, the fact that this is supposed to be a collaborative effort begs for more collaboration.

Now, I'm not blaming anyone. Part of it is my own fault for not pimping the game enough and getting more people involved. We have a very large event running at the moment and most people are doing that instead - thus we've a lot less people doing maps than in previous years.

It's understandable - a lot of people are building their own projects and are focussing on getting them done before the deadline. I've recieved a few PMs asking for a bit more time and that's fine: I don't mind giving it. Of course, this means that the deadline is also set back a bit more.

Thus, I have this news and an idea: We probably won't make the deadline. That's currently a given, especially if we want a game to be proud of and not a quick mish-mash of maps and stories.

Hence, I think we should push for a mid-November map deadline. I say mid-November, because my life is going to get a little complicated at the start of the month, dealing with some medical issues and I might not have much time for RMing (which is one of the reasons I really wanted to finish it before the 1st).

This gives everyone more time, I'll try to pimp up the project in the mean-time so that we get some more mappers and by the time I get back there should be enough maps to make something glorious.

I hope you guys don't mind too much. I know that this means we don't get the participation MS/badge for the Halloween event, but again, I'll ask about getting everyone something as compensation (your own special badges and maybe a little MS).

So, that's where we currently stand. Any questions? Suggestions? Thoughts?
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