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Hearthfoam is a small coastal village with a booming trade in tourism and lumber. They are surrounded on all sides by a large, dense forest that cuts them off from the rest of the mainland. The trees harvested from the forest are considered of high quality and something about the make-up of the soil seems to aid in regrowth being fast. It's no wonder that trees from the forests there are highly sought after for high-quality art and furniture, though a fair amount also gets used in construction.

The village is known far and wide as the birthplace of the famous actress, Bonelle LaFey, and the classical artist, Mirim Esther Bells. This has led in recent years to an increase in tourists coming to the area, something that has been embraced by the Mayor and his office. A beautification project was recently put into effect to greenify the village and fix any unsightly views.

A lot of tourists tend to go missing in the forest, though most of them manage to find their way back out eventually or are found by the rescue team that the Mayor's office keeps on retainer just for this purpose.

The area is usually warm and sunny, but a deep chill during the nights sees thick mists coming in from the ocean to cover the town. The mists tend to kill any night-life that the village may have been able to capitalise in.

Era-wise, Hearthfoam seems to be stuck in a mix of early-to-mid-90s, with no real internet connectivity, very little in the way of technological advancements and adhere to that 'safe to leave your doors open' feeling of those years. The Mayor's office has tried to pull the town into the modern era, but the townsfolk are resistant to such a thing, claiming that part of the charm of the village is how settled and secluded it is from everyday living.

The village has recently had a growth spurt with new houses being built to allow for more people to live, but a lot of those houses have yet to be filled, though the Mayor's office has high hopes that the little community will soon broaden and expand.

Of note, there are a few special places in and around the village.
- The Mayor's office is in the centre of town, a grand old building that used to be an old lodge before being repurposed when the village expanded enough to require a governmental body.
- The old church overlooks a crumbling cliff that juts out over the ocean, providing a lovely view of the area around. It's an old joke to guess when the cliff will eventually fail and the church tumble into the ocean below.
- The gravery is an old graveyard with many lovely statues and well-kept lawns. The dead rest peacefully at the edge of the village, bordering the forest.
- A small stretch of beach, sandy and open to all during the day. The rest of the area is surrounded by rocky shores, so this small area is much beloved by the village and a lot of work has gone into keeping it protected and in top shape.
- Ice cream parlour. It's a bit old and dilapidated-looking, namely because the owner is a curmugeony sort who denied any help from the Mayor's office to spruce the place up, but the ice cream there is to die for and it's a prime spot for teens to hang out during the day.
- A small school exists that boasts the most technology the town posseses - 3 internet-capable computers and an ipad for students to make use of. The school is also host of the village library, which sits on the same property and is open to all during the school day.

If you want any more details or have any questions, do ask!