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Hey guys, put your name in the comments here to sign up!

CONTRIBUTORS (Current Sign-ups)

Contributors will each have a house to create (just the inside areas). You will receive a PM when you sign up that gives you details about a secret that needs to be hidden by the house in some way, shape or form. An example of this, you might get the prompt that someone died in the house, so you will need to showcase that in some way (whether it be by members of the household alluding to it or a diary hidden away to find that talks about it or even a body hidden in the basement).

If anyone is unsure of whether something will be allowed or has any questions, either PM me (Liberty) or ask in the comments below.

How do I join?

Sign up in the comments below, make your house and send it to me (Liberty) before the 17th of November. I will then 'sew' it all together into a coherent game.

When you sign up you will receive a short PM with the secret. As long as it's alluded to in your map/s somewhere, then it counts as an entry.

You will also receive a note of which switches and variables you may use - something in the line of:
Switches: 31 - 60
Variables: 21 - 40

Remember that this series is made using the RPG Maker 2003 engine.

This time around you'll get 30 switches and 20 variables to begin with. If you need more, PM me as soon as you can and I'll send you extra numbers for your use.


- You must use <<REFMAP>> graphics to create your map. (You can edit them if necessary but use them as the base of your maps.)

- Each map must be no larger than 30x30. This makes it easier to finish them in a timely manner (though if you ask, I won't mind something a bit bigger - no larger than 50x50 unless you have very good reason. Remember, we're doing inside of houses this time. They don't need to be extreme.)
- You may have up to three maps (more if you wish, but ask me beforehand).
- Each map must have at least one exit, whether they be stairs or doorways.
- Extensions only if asked for before the end date, and then, only of a day or two.
- Don't go too overboard in creating your mini-mystery/horror/houses. We do want these to be finished eventually~
- This time around you get a house each to create - up to three floors. This means you may have a basement and first floor, two top floors, just one floor or hidden rooms. Three maps in total (unless asked beforehand).
- If you require more switches or variables, ask me and I'll give an extra 20 or so.
- Do not use anything in the Database - this means no default battles, no monsters, no items, no skills or animations of any kind.
- Keep in mind this is a town. People live in the houses you're creating. As such, you can make mini-stories about these characters but try to keep to the theme of mystery and horror.
- Please no movie files. Parallaxes and overlays are fine, but keep in mind the grid if you do decide to parallax. >.<;


When submitting please do the following:
- Make sure all sounds, character sets, pictures, parallaxes and chipsets used are in the folder. These include RTP sounds that you might have used.
- Zip up the whole game folder and send me a link to it. Lockers are ideal for this.
- If you created a mystery or puzzle, please add a small text document giving instructions for solving. This will help a lot when creating the actual walkthrough later on.
- All maps must be in by the 17th of November.

Questions and Queries

Can we use facesets?
No. If you need to differentiate people, coloured names would be preferred. If there's a specific reason to have a faceset, just ask me and I'll let you know, though. ^.^

What's with the names of these events?
They're from something my cousin wrote just before he killed himself. So, the series is a sort of homage to him in that respect. I do hope no-one minds.
The here and now of yesterday
Where end Time's saddest songs
Apon the brow of tomorrow, clear
We, thoughtless, dream along
And through the truth of never-been
Sit, watch as time flies by
For left, unspoken words I hear
And empty lyrics lie

I have a question about the town
There's a new page for you to peruse called About Hearthfoam. You'll find a lot of information there about the town.

Only REFMAP graphics allowed?
Yup! You can find a link to a download of them under the rule section and Frogge has kindly provided links to other stuff that is part of/fits the style, here: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/24554/

He also posted two exclusive sets on the #eventofthemoment room in the discord (pinned for easy finding).

Inners only? What if I need something specific for the outside?
Put a text document in your folder when you send it in detailing what you want/need to have outside. If need be you can supply an example map and I'll reference it when making the outside of the house.

How do we trigger the house events?
Any way is fine, just make sure to let me know in the text document that tells how to complete your house. It can be as simple as starting as soon as Emi walks through the door, or as detailed as having to read stuff in a certain order (pls no ;.;).


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well, nothing more than what I got on the last due date so :/

BUT it's more than we got first time around. I'm wondering if I should just extend it til end of month, honestly, but I'm not sure if that'll make any kind of difference or not.


How many houses are you missing for it to feel complete? I'd be on board to make a second one if it would help a little.
Feel free to take my place, I didn't make it. And I don't think I'll be able to in the foreseeable future either. "orz

I'm sorry, been very busy.
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