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I've been working on Darkened worlds on and off for almost seven years now (since 2006). It has jumped from engine to engine, 2D to 3D and back to 2D so many times as I change my mind on how I want the game to play and feel.

The graphics have changed styles countless times as well but I eventually settled on an engine and a graphical style that I'm happy with. The good thing is that from making this game for so long, I have a lot of good ideas for the game that I would not have if I had continued its first form and I feel it has progressed to a professional standard now.

Although I'm not the best graphical artist around, I've made original graphics, inspired from different styles I liked and I feel it's got a good quality to it.

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I found treasure! 8D
Hope that 'Hiatus' isn't a code word for 'Canceled' though.
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