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The story takes part in two different worlds.
One of them is the world we all live in. So does Josh together with his brother Alex and their father.
Josh loves video games and books and isn't much interested in his own reality.
His father disapproves this and blames his son. This became worse as their mother died.

But then on one day Josh finds a game in a small shop.
It has no real cover and only one word is written on the CD-case.
Erayu - the games title. Josh takes the game home and starts playing.

The other world is called Erayu. It's the games world, where once an immortal
princess reigned. But one day she disappeared and so seems the light.
Some places in that world are fallen into darkness and more followed soon.
One, who gets into that darkness never returns; not alive nor dead. As if he never existed.

When the game starts, one plays a boy, who awakes among some travelers.
His memories are gone and so he tries to find his way through a world he can't remember.

The game focuses on its story. You will accompany Josh through his everyday life, meet his family and play his latest game:

Here the game will be similar to a Point 'n Click Adventure.

- puzzles and item combinations
- many dialogues
- unique characters
- no battles
- self-made face sets
- custom menus
- collectibles
- a picture gallery
- two endings

Latest Blog

Christmas special!

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is on the... shoe!
Let me tell you in a rhyme.
My poetry is so bad you will whine.

But let me tell you one thing.
You can get into Erayu's credits withing a... bling?

Just click the image and you'll find
a page to do stuff... of some kind.

*sneaks away*
  • Completed
  • Lucy_Fox
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 10/01/2013 08:46 PM
  • 10/09/2023 03:58 PM
  • 03/31/2016
  • 321236
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Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
This game aims to be similar to a Point 'n Click Adventure.
The only one difference will be that there is no mouse controll.

How does that work?
I tried some mousescripts and thougt... every PnC uses the mouse. But it isn't really necessary. You will controll all events with the ring menu. And see the
relevant spots by pressing shift.
Maybe it would be more understandable while playing. ^^,
For the moment I can say: It works very well ;)
No offence, but just by reading the summary, I can see this still needs an editor. The artwork looks nice so far, though.
shatatomyo is right. You should probably get a native speaker for beta-reading, or at least someone who grew up with English.

I think I'll play this version later on, though, just to compare with the German one.

Also, if you're not using the mouse, aren't the "buttons" a bit too big?
I don't really know somebody who speaks English as good as German.
Though I now someone who speaks English much better than me.
He corrected the ingame dialogues, so I think they should not be that bad. ^^'

If I make them smaler; yo'll not longer be able to read the words. T_T
This looks purdy. *subs*

And I don’t mind the bad English in a couple of places. By the looks of it, I don’t really think it’s going to matter too much for me not to enjoy it. If you can, definitely see if you can get someone to patch things up here or there. If not, don’t worry too much about it.
Thanks for your kind words :3

At the moment the demo's length is just about half an hour..... so it wouldn't make much sense ^_^'
But when the game is more finished once, I'll look for a translator.

(When I started the translation I never thought that this would be that difficult D,: )
I'm a sucker for when devs spend lots of time making the visuals look nice for their players. Looking awesome - Good job, keep it up!
Thank you :3
Was the first time I played with CSS, but it was quite funny :D
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Thanks for your kind words :3

At the moment the demo's length is just about half an hour..... so it wouldn't make much sense ^_^'
But when the game is more finished once, I'll look for a translator.

(When I started the translation I never thought that this would be that difficult D,: )

Lucy_Fox, it looks like you're not going to need a German => English translator since as slightly off-kilter as your current translation is, it is in English. You're just going to need someone to proof read what you've done and correct it. Mostly so that it conveys what you want it to and you're not having the issue of correct word order since German and English have very different rules in regard to syntax.
I know what you mean. But... too late ^^
It's already translated by someone else, since I myself have not much time for such things anymore :°(

One thing I never understood in English is the using of comma... xD
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well if you've got it done, then that's great.

Oh and commas. They can be hard to grasp since they are used for a great many purposes in English, from signifying a small break, like taking a breath while you talk to separating lists within sentences, and for the separation of clauses. It's a difficult one but for a native speaker they come naturally.

Don't worry I had huge issues with the gender nouns when I was learning German years ago, but I'm sure for you it's a natural as breathing.

So if the translation is done, I'd better download and play.

e: Ok I played for a while, and it is beautiful. The music is suited to the scenes, the interface takes a little getting used to but it's not clunky or difficult, but, you still need a proof reader I'm afraid. The English isn't translated well. The feel is there but the grammar and word choice detract from a great experience. There is more than enough there for a proof-reader to work with, so the original German won't be needed but you have to get someone to look over your English if you want this to be as well received as it deserves.
Amazing... there were only a few miss-spellings, but xD then again who is perfect, right? I was enjoying the demo so much... that when it ended. I felt a part of me become disappointed. Cause i loved the plot, it isn't everyday you see someone make a game within a game. Got a little annoyed with the puzzles. -facepalms-Worked it out after watching Crystal Dust on YouTube. But anyway.. i ended up downloading the German one since it has a longer demo just means Google will be making itself more useful to me. I must know what happens next *-*
Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it :3

Translating is such a terrifying (is that right spelled? D: ) work.
So the Eglish Version lasts a bit longer ^//^
I would offer to help.. But, I don't know a lot of German. ^^; So, guess that would be useless, huh? And yeah, I do like it. The plot seems pretty solid, and the graphics are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait until you have the whole game ready.

Anyway, Thanks for sharing ^^

I am also trying your other game(Although it's in German) "Ice and Dark"
Such nice words are a great payment for all the work. ^/////^

The wohole game will take some time :°(
I'm now making part 4 (of 6) and have student projects to do as well.
I whish game making would be faster >:D

Someone in a german community translated most of the game and probably will also make the other parts. Though the most difficult thing is the implementing of all the new written text :/ Even with helping tools. *sigh*

Oh, that game is ooooold xD (unfinished because it's too big / and full of bugs xD)
(And much more text to read ^_^) Just as a warning :D

Say, you still looking for someone who could help with the writing in the game?
I allready have someone to help me with that. But thank you :3
i think i encountered a bug or something. after getting in my house. i went straight ahead into josh's dad, and then, i gut stuck. i can't move but the audio is still playing. btw, mind of i make a lets play about this? its so amazing.