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Name: Josh
Age: 14
He spends much time reading books and playing videogames.
He is a bit shy and his only real friend is Naru.

Name: Unknown
Age: 13-14
He doesn't remember anything. Nor his name.
So the only thing he can do, is exploring the world he forgot.

Name: Alex
Age: 12
As his brother he reads a lot and is a calm person.
Their father favours him and often tells him not to waste his time like his brother does.
Alex tries to stay neutral because he understands his father and also Josh.
He isn't very happy about that situation, but tries to keep domestic peace.

Name: Jeremiah
Age: 43
Josh's and Alex's father.
Since his wife died, he isn't the same person anymore. He no longer has any contact to his family
and spends his time mostly working. He can't understand Josh's passion for games and tries
to keep him away from them.

Name: Naru
Age: 14
His parents are from Japan but he as himself never was there.
Josh is his best friend and togehther they are talking a lot about
games. He plans to become a developer someday.


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Never thought about that, but somehow... yes. xD
Somehow I must have thought they wouldn't fit into the theme O_o
But there are some females ingame. :D
You're magical to me.
I guess I can't complain, as I've made a few games with all-female casts XD
Still, I must admit, I do enjoy games a lot more if I have a female playable character to identify with.
In games like Skyrim or Mass Effect I always play female too xD
But when it comes to protas for my games I nearly always choose males O_o
Maybe because I don't know many gamer girls xD
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