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Random progress and stuff

  • Lucy_Fox
  • 05/11/2016 07:05 PM
Maybe you all thought, just because the project has reached its full version, I don't do anything on it anymore.
Well, you were mistaken. :P
Sure its finished... but that doesn't mean that there is nothing I couldn't improve. And there are often evenings where I don't feel like playing or anything. So it's the best time to fix and improve stuff. :D

Beneath some tweaks here and there I built a whole new menu for dialogue choices.
Usually they look like this:

For a game with pure mouse controls it feels a bit unintuitive though.
So I spent the last few evenings with building a new menu, that does suit a Point and Click style game better, I think...

It's quite a mix of a mini script, many small script-calls and some event code. O___o
Whatever... it works! ò.ó


One thing that bothered me for a while was that you have to click on a specific event to activate it.
Usually this is the normal behavior for RPG Maker... But, again, it's not very great for a mouse only game.
This way you only have to go pixel-hunting to find the right spots.

But I came up with a solution.
It was a bit tricky to implement, but now that I got it working, I love it. ^.^
Instead of having a single event, you now have a whole field of events that can be clicked.
But each of them has the same code, so you allways walk to the same spot and achieve the same result as if you were clicking the original event. (Without costing a single frame ;D)

New Content:
To further improve the game, there will also be some additions to the story. Containing some slightly tweaked or completely new dialogues and monologues. The relationship of Josh and his father falls too short in my opinion. Some things even never were mentioned...
So I'll try to tell it a bit better and in more detail.

One last thing:
Untill all changes are done, I won't update the game's download anymore. (Unless there appears a gamebreaker)
Instead all changes will be updated at once in a whole new version. °^°

See you, and have fun! ^u^/)