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Erayu got featured!

  • Lucy_Fox
  • 05/02/2017 09:15 AM
*runs around screaming*
*respawns at the nearest bonfire*

Whoa! It got... featured! It....
*dies again*

Thanks! This is... I don't have words for this. D:
It's an honor and a pleasure... and... (whatever English word I don't know, but would certainly fit the situation perfectly).

Thanks to everyone who played the game and will play it someday... thanks for all the feedback and motivation! °u°
It's great to be here. <3

And if you're wondering... I'm still working on the enhanced edition. It will just take a lot of time to finish it. :3

See ya! ^c^/)


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Whoooooaaaahh!!! CONGRATULAAAATIOOOONS!!! I'm really happy for you! Besides I played a long time ago and really enjoyed it, although then i got stuck :(
Now that I think about it, it's the perfect time to play it again and try to go further in the story!
Anyway my most sincere congratulations! Erayu really deserves to be featured :)
I've started playing it in German some time ago and it proved to be a great way to practise.
Thanks you two <3

There is a walkthrough inside the game's folder btw. :3
Thanks you two <3

There is a walkthrough inside the game's folder btw. :3

Oh... Really?! It seems that I've forgotten about it >u<
Then it will be even easier to continue with the game now :)
I am so happy for you!

Your work definitely deserves this! It is such a beautiful game. Even just having the text made me all excited for it. And actually playing a bit made it even better.

Enjoy the spoils~
Well... without your translation this feature would never have happened. So a bunch of thanks goes to you. :3
And also thanks for your kind words. <3
Whoa, this certainly was a bit of a surprise to see on the front page today. I thought we weren't going to feature this until Lucy_Fox finished doing the enhanced version for it - but I guess not - and that's just fine with me, as the original base game here is still just fine the way it is.

Congratulations on the featured spot though, Lucy_Fox. Erayu ended up being a pretty good game for a point-and-click adventure title, and I’m glad it’s getting a bit more love and recognition now. You deserve all the praise that you can get for this, and I hope you enjoy it.
I decided to change things up and it'd been on the waiting list a while so, eh, why not now, right?~

Congrats! :D
You are so nice. Thanks ;^;
This really means a lot to me. I love you all!

The enhanced edition will take a lot of extra time anyways.
I don't expect it to be finished for at least the next year or so. Cause I can't work fulltime on it.
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