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Searching for EEE testers

  • Lucy_Fox
  • 09/16/2017 11:09 AM
Hey all you nice people out there! °w°
I mentioned on previous blog posts that I'm making an enhanced edition of the game.

So far the first 3 chapters are more or less done. Lot of new and also different content found its way into the game.
And... I have no idea if it is any good or not. xD
I want to enhance the game... not make it worse....

So I decided to run some kind of early access... So people can just get in and test if they feel like. At any time.
I hope this will lead to a somewhat polished experience in the end...

The downside:
I'm German. And I can't provide a translation for every step in development. The game relies a lot on text, so this would just slow down the process tremendously. :frown: (also cause I'm constantly changing bits and pieces of it)

This means... this post is directed to all the german speaking users out there. If you are interested in testing the game (and gain a sneak peak in what the project might become) feel free to just hit this link. -> Test Server

It will direct you to a Discord server (no account required). This way it's just easier for me to keep track of everything and all instructions are in one place, etc. (But you are also allowed to just write everything into a document and send it to me. Do as you please. :3 )

And last, but not least. I do not allow to stream or let's play this early access version. It's very unfinished and anything could change at any time. So I don't really want this to float around on youtube or elsewhere. D:

Long post... I hope to see a few people soon. :3
Have a nice day and a lot of fun.

- Lucy ^o^/)


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Hi there Lucy!

I'm totally interested in testing your game, the "problem" is that i didn't complete the first version of it... Therefore i wanted to ask you if you are searching people who could know the difference between this version and the previous one.
It's not necessary to know the previous version. :)
This is primarily about testing in general and preventing nasty stuff pre-release this time. ^u^
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