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Christmas special!

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is on the... shoe!
Let me tell you in a rhyme.
My poetry is so bad you will whine.

But let me tell you one thing.
You can get into Erayu's credits withing a... bling?

Just click the image and you'll find
a page to do stuff... of some kind.

*sneaks away*


Searching for EEE testers

Hey all you nice people out there! °w°
I mentioned on previous blog posts that I'm making an enhanced edition of the game.

So far the first 3 chapters are more or less done. Lot of new and also different content found its way into the game.
And... I have no idea if it is any good or not. xD
I want to enhance the game... not make it worse....

So I decided to run some kind of early access... So people can just get in and test if they feel like. At any time.
I hope this will lead to a somewhat polished experience in the end...

The downside:
I'm German. And I can't provide a translation for every step in development. The game relies a lot on text, so this would just slow down the process tremendously. :frown: (also cause I'm constantly changing bits and pieces of it)

This means... this post is directed to all the german speaking users out there. If you are interested in testing the game (and gain a sneak peak in what the project might become) feel free to just hit this link. -> Test Server

It will direct you to a Discord server (no account required). This way it's just easier for me to keep track of everything and all instructions are in one place, etc. (But you are also allowed to just write everything into a document and send it to me. Do as you please. :3 )

And last, but not least. I do not allow to stream or let's play this early access version. It's very unfinished and anything could change at any time. So I don't really want this to float around on youtube or elsewhere. D:

Long post... I hope to see a few people soon. :3
Have a nice day and a lot of fun.

- Lucy ^o^/)


Erayu got featured!

*runs around screaming*
*respawns at the nearest bonfire*

Whoa! It got... featured! It....
*dies again*

Thanks! This is... I don't have words for this. D:
It's an honor and a pleasure... and... (whatever English word I don't know, but would certainly fit the situation perfectly).

Thanks to everyone who played the game and will play it someday... thanks for all the feedback and motivation! °u°
It's great to be here. <3

And if you're wondering... I'm still working on the enhanced edition. It will just take a lot of time to finish it. :3

See ya! ^c^/)


Erayu is free today!

Erayu is free today! Grab it now! (\°O°/)

Progress Report

Long time no see >w<

I just realized (at 2 am) that I haven't posted any progress for a long time now.
That's mostly due to the fact that I'm not working very regularly on Erayu... cause time and such things... and cause I'm not a real blogger. >w<
I'm never sure what to really tell and what stuff actually is too boring to write about. xD

So... where to start?

Maybe with:


No, they aren't just to show you my progress in learning to draw. ;P
They actually will appear ingame from now on. I plan to make those for some of the more funny or important scenes, cause I like those stuff and it's fun to draw them. :D

Menu and Music
I know, most of you very much like my choice of music for the levels... but I myself were never completely satisfied with some. xD
So I'm currently searching for free music to replace some of those tracks. (But just in case I really find some, which I like better than the current ones.)

You may also have noticed that there is a new main menu now. I found the old one boring and wanted to make something more... fancy?
So, if you haven't already... look! (The music is too quiet though -.-)

There is also one more little change. The diary will now be accessible from the ingame's esc-menu instead of from the inventory. (It's just more convenient to use).

One of the things that bugged me for a long time now are the sprites of the real world characters. I find that they are still too similar to the ones ingame. So I decided to overcome my laziness and redo them. :D
The proportions are now more realistic and should be noticeable different to the ingame sprites.
So far, all of Josh's sprites and poses are done (and there are a lot of them >_>). The rest will follow.

Dialogues and chapters
I went over my dialogues... nowadays I find some of them really terrible. xD
So I nearly completely rewrote them in the first chapter. I also started to rework some of the second chapter and more will follow.
Also the puzzles changed a tiny bit here and there and some should feel more intuitive now. (At least I hope so >___> )
And there was this one evening where I shared a bottle of mead with my husband... and we spend much time brainstorming about certain chapters and events of the game. And now I have a whole bunch of new and other ideas, that will be implemented.
They will hopefully make the whole feeling of some scenes and the story better...
We'll see. :D

Okay, I think that's all for now.

Have a nice time and sty tuned! ^w^/)

Game Design

Reworked combination menu

I never really liked the way my item-combination script looked and felt...
It was just clumsy and unintuitive to use... so... well...
I dug a bit into the code and reworked the script slightly.

Instead of having a list of combinations in the middle of the screen you can now just select the two items you want to combine...
And additionally, the choice whether to combine or to use the item now popps up directly next to item you select.

(The video capture program somehow put the mouse actions into the video >__<
Those mouse symbols aren't in the game xD)

Progress Report

Random progress and stuff

Maybe you all thought, just because the project has reached its full version, I don't do anything on it anymore.
Well, you were mistaken. :P
Sure its finished... but that doesn't mean that there is nothing I couldn't improve. And there are often evenings where I don't feel like playing or anything. So it's the best time to fix and improve stuff. :D

Beneath some tweaks here and there I built a whole new menu for dialogue choices.
Usually they look like this:

For a game with pure mouse controls it feels a bit unintuitive though.
So I spent the last few evenings with building a new menu, that does suit a Point and Click style game better, I think...

It's quite a mix of a mini script, many small script-calls and some event code. O___o
Whatever... it works! ò.ó


One thing that bothered me for a while was that you have to click on a specific event to activate it.
Usually this is the normal behavior for RPG Maker... But, again, it's not very great for a mouse only game.
This way you only have to go pixel-hunting to find the right spots.

But I came up with a solution.
It was a bit tricky to implement, but now that I got it working, I love it. ^.^
Instead of having a single event, you now have a whole field of events that can be clicked.
But each of them has the same code, so you allways walk to the same spot and achieve the same result as if you were clicking the original event. (Without costing a single frame ;D)

New Content:
To further improve the game, there will also be some additions to the story. Containing some slightly tweaked or completely new dialogues and monologues. The relationship of Josh and his father falls too short in my opinion. Some things even never were mentioned...
So I'll try to tell it a bit better and in more detail.

One last thing:
Untill all changes are done, I won't update the game's download anymore. (Unless there appears a gamebreaker)
Instead all changes will be updated at once in a whole new version. °^°

See you, and have fun! ^u^/)

Progress Report

Update 1.1.1

Another mini-update, which fixes a logic issue with the snowmen puzzle.

It wasn't possible to solve the puzzle without walkthrough, so I fixed it now :3

Have fun °u°/)

Progress Report

Update 1.1 - Translation

A huge thanks goes to shayoko, who did a great job and corrected the translation. ❤


- There were some passability errors, that are now fixed.
- More German leftovers are fixed
- A bug, that could result in a gamebreaker at the mill is fixed
- The sword in the swamp is moved, so you don't have to walk all the way back anymore

That's everything for now.
Have a nice day.
Enjoy the game.
And leave some feedback. The more you give feedback the more I now where the game has it's problems. :3

- Lucy (⌒.⌒)☆

Progress Report

Update 1.02

I apologize to all of you who played the game so far.
I left a test variable at a bad spot and so the credits only displayed the pictures of one ending x_x
Actually it should display two different sets of images depending on the chosen ending. This should now be fixed.

I haven't mentioned it, but since the release I also put the English walkthrough into the game folder. So, if you missed it, it's there now :D

And last but not least. I got rid of the few German leftovers that were reported to me so far.

So, that's all for now. Have fun and thanks for all the bug reports <3
It's hard to find them all on my own, so I'm very thankful for your help. (⌒.⌒)
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