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Full Version out now!

It's done! Finally! D:
I tested the whole game once again and fixed some issues that were found in the German version... so hopefully I found the worst and haven't patched any new issues in xD

So feel free to send me anything what's going wrong. And also tell me should you find any German leftovers. ^.^

Okay, let's have fun! (\^.^/)
Best wishes to all of you.

Progress Report

Almost done!

I know you are waiting for the full version ;D

I think I can maybe manage to finish the game before January, but then the last
part has to be translated and tested etc.
So the final English release will take some more time.

Most of the last chapter and the first ending is done.
All that is left is the second ending and the credits.

So... preemptively...
Merry Christmas, a great new year!
And stay tuned! :D

Progress Report

Corrected translation and progress

Hey gamers o/

I've uploaded a new version. It includes the corrected translation.
Big thanks to Kylaila for this :3

Also - for those, who haven't read it yet (and because otherwise this blog would be very short xD) - I want to tell you that I'm currently working on the end of the game.
The last part will contain a lot of story, some gameplay and two different endings.
I hope I can finish the game before the end of the year. So stay tuned! :D

Why two endings?
Because there is no right way to end this story. There are two equal possibilities and you should decide, which one you wish to see.
(But the choice for it is at the end of the game. So you still can reload and watch the second if you wish so :) )

Have fun o/

Progress Report

Demo 5.0.2! A lot of new stuff!

Many has changed in this game...
Thanks to Kylaila you can now finally enjoy the yet existing rest oft the game.
It's not a full version yet, but the game is near to its end.

You only know the first two chapters. But with the new demo you will get
3 completely new chapters with a lot of content and story.

Also the technique changed a bit here and there. (I doubt anyone will notice most of it xD)
But now the game is fully mouse compatible. It was too buggy to keep the keyboard controlls. So I decided to remove them.

So.... I really hope, you'll enjoy the new chapters. It was a lot of work and also a lot of fun. :3

Let some feedback here and have fun.

- Lucy ❆



500 downloads so far *^*
I know it's not that much for other perople.
But for me and my very small project it is a lot.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played the demo.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Feel free to leave commends though.
And if anyone is interested in translate the project into english, feel free to ask.
The actual translation is... uhm... not so well xD


Walkthrough available!

I finaly managed it to translate the walkthrough for the demo.
However I forgot it untill now x,D Sorry.
You can find the walkthrough in the download section ;D
Have fun! o/


Game page redesigned

Yay! I hate CSS xD
But though it's somehow fun to mess around with it.
So I redesigned the game page a bit. Now it is less bright and more... uhm... I don't know, but I like it now :D

Have fun stare at it XD


Anyone wants to translate?

The developement of the 5th chapter startet!
Four of them are allready released in german froums.... but only two in english T__T

I know, it's a lot of work and I for myself haven't enough time to translate everything..... and my english is bad xD Too bad for games.

So, if anyone is interested in this let me know. ;)



On my homepage I started a little contest.
I don't know if the prices (some steam keys) are working in every country : (
Though if someone likes to participate here are the rules and the link to the blog entry (for those who understand german : ) )

What is it about?
You have to do 2 things.
1. Chose your favourite character from the game and draw him/her.
2. Chose the task you liked most in the game and add one or more items from it to your drawing.

Period of time
Because time is always rare you have a whole month.
You can send me a contribution until the 27th August 2014.

Where to send the contribution?
You can send it to me via PN in this forum.
Or send it in an E-Mail to VampyreFoxy@web.de

Each contributor will gain a small signature which you can use for forums homepages or whatever.

1st winner can choose from:
- Divinity: Original Sin
- Divine Divinity
- Beyond Divinity

2nd winner can choose from:
- Dust: An Elysian Tail
- To the Moon

3rd winner can have one of my (huge) list of unused Humble Bundle keys.

Additional stuff
- Contributions which contains pornographic, violence-glorifying or somehow illegal content aren't accepted and the the contributor will be disqualified.
- The contribution shouldn't be larger than 1500x1500 px. Larger pictures will be scaled down by me.
- The winner will be chosen by a bublic poll.
- If there are less than 3 contributions, there will be no prices. Though each will get a signature.
- The winner contribution will be displayed on my homepage. Together with the winners name and a link to his/her profile, website or wherever he/she likes.

I reserve my right to change the rules if necessary.

Have fun.
- Lucy

Progress Report

Took longer than expected -.- (But now i got it ready :D)

Okay, I'm oficialy not good at guessing how long things can take.
But now the translation is finally done and implemented too.

The new version contains the second chapter, some little script changes.
And a few reworked sprites.

I also reworked the gamepage's description and the logo a bit.

Well, have fun and consider to leave a little feedback :D

Best regards.
- Lucy
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