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This is a very old chamber
  • Lucy_Fox
  • Added: 10/01/2013 08:47 PM
  • Last updated: 05/28/2022 08:32 PM


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"I cannot complain when your icon of choice is a penguin"
An impressive screenshot!

I would recommend finding the line in the ccoa message scrip that sets teh opacity of the name tag and making it 255. That way it would be consistent with the rest of the windows.
Thanks for that tipp! I'll check this. ^-^
Hm, this sentence sounds a little weird. It's mostly because of a missing article but the word "surely" sounds off in modern times too. I do realize this is an alternate world though, so if the dialogue is intentionally written like that for this character then more power to you~! Assuming it was intentional I'd change this to:

"This big crystal in the center is surely the heart."
Hehehe ^-^
It was a quick translate just for this screenshot.... so... you're right xD
Thanks for your help. :3
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
its unfortunate not many people appreciate the rpg maker programs.
kids these days who play games only are about cod and w/e other shooter they own :/
i grew up with Nintendo and Genesis so stuff like this is amazing and beautiful to me :3
Aaawww :3
Thak you <3

Somehow I think 2D is way more artistic than 3D.
I mean... realism can be seen every day. (no one needs this Hahaha)
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