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  • Lucy_Fox
  • Added: 12/13/2013 01:10 AM
  • Last updated: 05/28/2022 09:16 PM


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Ooo – looks-a-nice! :D

The only minor complaint that I have is the position of the bar sign that’s hanging right above the tree. To me, it just looks a bit odd and just a bit out of place. If could you move it up by one and move it to the right by two spaces where it’s positioned centered by all those windows that would be great.

Other than that, looks superb. Nicely done, Lucy_Fox.
But then it would hang in the air :D
Though I can put it one tile higher....
Yeah, even just one tile up would be fine.

Also, too bad your game isn’t set in some futuristic setting - then you could have floating signs! :D
A sci-fi game with floating signs?
That would be so awesome °^°

Strange that hardly someone use such in futuristic games. O.o
I would make a futuristic game, but I’m too stuck in the past.
I know what you mean ^_^
Sci-Fi is a great setting, but somehow it losses its attraction very fast.
And we end up making medieval games xD
It's AWESOME! Quite rare to see a good mapping using those kind of graphics.
It would be really fun exploring in these kinds of areas. ^^
I'm downloading this right away!
Thank you <3
I hope you'll have fun with the game. :3
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