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Restored some of the gamepage generation!

In the Game Name Game spirit, I put together an off-site page with all of the javascript game generation goodness from the original version of the page, over at http://wombatrpgs.net/zs2.php.

If you missed it, Zephyr Skies 2 had a game page with a content generation system that made use of scripts, so you'd get a new game description every time. Due to security concerns, that's all gone, but now you can get the full Zephyr Skies experience! Boss generation is especially fun, here's a sample page:

Grim the Twenty-legged Mummy Destroyer
A master of illusion spells, and therefore almost impossible to track. Leaves a telling trail of corrosive drool.

Hektor the Ghostly Skeleton Messiah
Shrugs off magic-based status conditions with ease, but vulnerable to confusion. The blood of the ancient gods course through this beast's veins.

Crunch the Axe-wielding Phantom Warrior
Babbles at enemies until they succumb to boredom. Known the for valuable horns, although said horns are usually found in deceased adventurers.

Philippus the Whispering Cyclops King
Eats a steady diet of sheep liver and frog guts. The open sores on this creature's body add to its air of a diseased pile of corpses.

Steve the Six-tongued Cockatrise Summoner
Glugs down alcoholic beverages with alarming speed. This monster has a smaller mouth inside its first one.

Ashkatek the Worm-ridden Lamia Master
Has an unhealthy obsession with gunpowder and explosions. Not solidly rooted in the physical plane, and will escape to higher dimensions if threatened.

Askaxarus the Muscle Wolf Princess
Emits an ear-rending roar that will inflict the Fear status effect. Can only move in L-shapes.