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Is this a fake game?
No, this is a legit game. The Zephyr Skies series is about unique presentation and experimental games. It might be a strange game, but it's certainly not a fake game and it isn't in a completely different genre etc etc... It'd be dumb to use the same gimmick twice, and we're not trying to fool anyone. The screenshots you see aren't mockups, and we're producing what we say on the page.

What is the original Zephyr Skies?
It's a full-length fantasy epic and one of the best games on RPGmaker.net. You should totally play it, it'll only take half an hour or so.

What is the point of Zephyr Skies? Do you like tricking people or something?
No, (although tricking people was fairly fun), there's a purpose. Games can be more than a packaged experience that last from when you download to when you ragequit. Whether this means a game makes you think differently, makes you reflect on what really is a game and what's not, or makes you notice certain things about game marketing and how your enjoyment of a game is related... It's intended to be a proof of concept that there's more than game development that goes into game production.

This game page is very elaborate and well-thought out. How'd you do that?
Thanks. You'll find that with a little thought and effort, and maybe some practice world-building, it's really not all that hard. There's nothing supernatural about our skills, we just work hard to produce our best. Someone's constantly fiddling around with stat balancing, dialog, or even the game page description, so if you see something change, we're probably just working on the page.

Why did this page go down?
The original page was deemed too fear-inducing to the general population so the admins had to shut it down. We submitted this new page in response.