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Installer EXE Version also available
All Hallows' Event Entry

Introduction :
An empty town mysteriously appears on Halloween night. A group of students from Falica High School dare to enter the town and solve the mystery.

Mysteries, ghosts, zombies - you name it. This town is filled with stories and magic that you cannot find in the outside world. But why is the town filled with such otherworldly mysteries? And how will they be solved?

ARC 1 - Mystery ARC
This ARC focuses on discovering the solution to the ghostly mystery.

Episode 1
A group of three students from Falica High School have summoned the courage to enter a haunted house, formally owned by a rich pervert named Steven and his whorish mistress Mary, who both died a few years ago. They now make the house their haunt. Anyone who enters the house and is caught by the Ghost of Mary will take her place.

Completion date: 10/28/2013
Discover the truth behind the ghost story, where no-one who has entered the house on Halloween night has ever returned alive.

Character Information:

Episode Themes:
- Ghost Story
- Halloween Comedy
- Absolutely whacked out story
Content Rating: Teen (contains supernatural horror elements)

Episode 2
To avoid spoilers, Episode 2 information is not being released.

Town of Illustive is copyrighted by Jomarcenter Studio.

This series consists of a series of episodes, each different in nature. This is only the first episode.

18-13-14 1-14-4 11-5-14-20-15-14-1 9-19 8-9-4-9-14-7 19-15-13-5-20-8-9-14-7 10-21-19-20 10-15-11-9-14-7

Logo Font: Never, by Matthew Welch.

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I know there was a problem with the comment/reply box I'm still checking with the code how to fix it.
Sorry for the inconvenience

EDIT: temporary fix have been created. as for now.
Guardian of the Description Thread

The sentence "Discover the truth behind the ghost story, where no-one who has entered the house on Halloween night has ever returned alive." just seems really odd to me. Maybe, "Discover the truth behind the ghost story. Why have none who have entered the house on Halloween night ever come out alive?"

My thought about Mary is that she invades their souls, and takes over that way. I'm mostly sure this is what you mean, but, I don't know.
You the practice of self-promotion
Found few bugs in the game.
Some item disappeared. Some item should not show the character select screen.
Bug fixes are on the way.
Mostly the bugs only affect the cosmetics style of Gameplay nothing to be worried about.
I noticed in the beginning, before you enter the house and where you can talk to the others, if you talk to Alan and choose the 'House' option, his name will not be capitalized.
Hey jomar~ Just finished my LP of the game. It should be in the media section. I did enjoy bits, I also may have raged a little. >.<;
I can see that you've improved a lot, though, and I'm looking forward to the next game in the series (damn cliff-hangers!)
short mystery game. The way the game is made, it would have been better as a visual novel, probably. The game is extremely on-rails, you cant really explore at all. Giant X's usually block off areas you dont need to go to. You must go to the next location and search around in areas marked by giant exclamation marks. Do this several times while you get hailed on by an entity of sorts. The twist is extremely easy to predict. Alot of things dont make any sense and were pretty silly. Like a B movie, I think
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