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Progress Report

Town of Illustive: Episode 2 will be back in development schedule.

After figuring out the problem why the CrystalDiskInfo or "S.M.A.R.T." giving me Bad sector detection and figuring out why the "majority" of bad sector were location in my RPG maker VX ACE games files rather than my other files in my PC or the RMXP files (and also why it not causing more problem after stopping using the program but still download random files without problems).

And also secured too much cash on my steam account via abusive trading (as in trading everyday) in Team Fortress 2 (NO BEGGING)just for a copy of Legend of heroes: trails in the sky.(going to brought it if it went on SALE) I can safety start phase 2 on the Town of illustive episode 2 Project. which was in fact totally delay than the planned deadline (OCT 1)

Sorry for the very very long delay.
And while you guys laughing why I am paranoid to this problem I will face-palm a lot of times for a while for not figuring out the problem in the first place.


Now available on Steam. (Almost)

Town of Illustive is now available to download on steam via Steam Workshop
Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=232350465

If you having problem playing the Steam Workshop version please contact the me via steam.

As always we wanted to make each and every free games available everywhere.


monetize on youtube, Safe or not?

I have recently received news about the current situation with let's play video in Youtube and even though there was no complains that any of the let's play video was taken down. I decided that to allow anyone to let's play/try any jomarcenter games (Commercial or not) and monetize it. In the case if any of your video is taken down under the name containing the word "Jomarcenter" please contact me right away and I will quickly remove the automated claim that was made by the content ID or by a youtube staff themselves.

Thank you for your concern

note: if your video is down by other name (ex. Enterbrain inc., other music artist, etc...) please contact us and the other person, company, etc... about it.
All content that we used in any of our games were license to be used in commercial projects to be sure that everyone is safe.

I always love to see people play our game and post their play through in Youtube it really helps with the game development. Since you help us, we help you.


We Changed, Episode 1 your opinion, Episode 2 in the works.

Hello again and we would like to thank you for playing Town Of Illustive Episode 1.
This is really a game that was made withing one month and you can see the development of the game is really improved than the previous Jomarcenter's game "Future Helper and the seven towers"

In the past the game development of Future Helper And The Seven Towers were made as quickly as we can which end up in a really big and humiliating disaster for the Series, but today we improved a lot now and hope that we could improved much more than that. As for that please support the current game that were in development like the "Connected Series", "Future Helper Series" and other game projects that were being in development.

And also we really appreciate for all the review, let's play, etc. that you did for the series. It really help us in improvement of other game in the near future. And we also want more Opinion with the recent release just for research and improvement purposes so please do so.

And also since the series is well loved by a few fans we would like to announce this:

By this the development of Episode 2 will start next year since we have more time to developed the supposed to planned "puzzle" and "RPG" element to the game and much more to the series. Episode 2 will answered some of the question that wasn't showed on episode 1 like What happened to the Missing Student, What happened to the other student of Falica High who also go to the town and other question that you are trying to figure it out. And much more surprised awaits you in Episode 2.
Hope that you will support Episode 2 as the development will start by next year.

And to avoid Spoiler anything related to Episode 2 will be kept secret and will not be reveled to the public until next year.

Thank you very much for playing.


Game announcement, Competition entry, Bug report plz.

Well it been a few hours and we would like to announced that the town of Illustive episode 1 maybe a success I think. Well we would like to wait for a few hours before we consider it.

And we would like to know how you enjoy episode 1. Comment below now.

Wow we also just got 65 download already in the past few hours and we would like to thank you for your support on Project Illustive. We hope that you will support in the coming project in the near future.

Some people also find out there there is a random bug where it say that some light picture is missing. We already tested the encrypted file on a clean non-RTP install computer and we didn't find any bugs.

So if your experiencing this bug we cannot fix it since it totally random. But a separate patch will be uploaded.
This bug may occur in the EXE version of the installer but RAR file of 1.0C may already fix since the patch is already included.

And also today will be the last day for bug fix.
Please report any bugs for version 1.0A and Version 1.0B as we will going to release Version 1.0C with all known bugs killed.
Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/04gc6c1q5c96t4i/Town_of_Illustive_Light_patch.zip
We already found out that is isn't really the problem with the image file. But rather a glitch when you use the F12 key.

-M.J.M - Writer and developer of town of Illustive.
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