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Town of Illustive: Episode 2 will be back in development schedule.

After figuring out the problem why the CrystalDiskInfo or "S.M.A.R.T." giving me Bad sector detection and figuring out why the "majority" of bad sector were location in my RPG maker VX ACE games files rather than my other files in my PC or the RMXP files (and also why it not causing more problem after stopping using the program but still download random files without problems).

And also secured too much cash on my steam account via abusive trading (as in trading everyday) in Team Fortress 2 (NO BEGGING)just for a copy of Legend of heroes: trails in the sky.(going to brought it if it went on SALE) I can safety start phase 2 on the Town of illustive episode 2 Project. which was in fact totally delay than the planned deadline (OCT 1)

Sorry for the very very long delay.
And while you guys laughing why I am paranoid to this problem I will face-palm a lot of times for a while for not figuring out the problem in the first place.