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Rust and Blood in Spanish

I'm getting a lot of these, lately.
Download it here: LINK


Progress Report

It's done.

So the game is done, with plenty of time left until the end of the contest.
The story turned out somewhat different from what I had imagined at the start, due to various stuff that I wanted to change during the course of the development.
Hopefully the game will be as enjoyable to play as it was to make.
Wish me luck in the competition, and have a spooky Halloween!


Spellchecking and grammar help

So I'm pretty much done with the game but I need someone to check grammar and that kind of stuff for me, since I'm not a native english speaker.
I'm not horrible at english (at least I'd like to think so) but I do make some mistakes every now and then. Hence the need for someone to check the game for me. The game is pretty short, being made in less than a month and all, so it shouldn't take too much time. Gimme a peep if you're interested.
Edit: Or just post anything you find as an answer to this blog, also works, since I just posted the game download.
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