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Spellchecking and grammar help

  • SnowOwl
  • 10/26/2013 10:00 PM
So I'm pretty much done with the game but I need someone to check grammar and that kind of stuff for me, since I'm not a native english speaker.
I'm not horrible at english (at least I'd like to think so) but I do make some mistakes every now and then. Hence the need for someone to check the game for me. The game is pretty short, being made in less than a month and all, so it shouldn't take too much time. Gimme a peep if you're interested.
Edit: Or just post anything you find as an answer to this blog, also works, since I just posted the game download.


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You the practice of self-promotion
Hey SnowOwl, I can offer to help. I surprised you're horrible @ English ...
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
-Apologizes for English
-Uses perfect English

Must be German.
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