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Dys- is a mystery of mind and memory, whose investigation leads one person on a strange voyage of self-discovery.

A new day brings no promise in the uneventful life of a struggling artist, until, by an uncanny trick of perception, a forgotten plot from the past begins to thicken and ooze into the present.

...Yeah, that's one wide-open synopsis, but I hope it piques your interest. I'm working really hard to make Dys- worthy of the "kinetic novel" format: a good read, and an aesthetically-pleasing and involving sensory experience. As you read, you might notice that specific biographical details about the main character are left purposely vague. I wanted to leave it open so that you, the reader, might inhabit that role yourself, or remain an observer, but be able to relate without obstacles.

When the time comes, it'll be up to you to tell me if it worked!

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Linux and Mac Versions Now Available

A little late, but better than never, right? Now if I could just get Ren'Py to install the Android SDK properly, we could round out the downloads with a mobile version. It's kind of wonky, so far -- anyone got any tips?

In other news, I did a word count of the main game script (to submit it to games.renpy.org) and it came out at 20,501. A lot of that may be formatting and python statements, but it's nice to know that my little novella put up a big number :D
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Just finished it. My, what a grande take on the ending. I feel it loses its purpose, but quite alright a play.

Review will be written soon.
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