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Beta on the way - sign up now!

Greetings VN fans,

I've been doing a lot of work on Dys- in the past few weeks, and I'm finally confident enough to show my work to a few willing guinea pigs. The four chapters that are complete thus far look to cover about one-third of the story, but nothing is certain...

If you like introspection, mysteriousness, and science-y subject matter presented with artsy eloquence--and don't mind providing a bit of literary critique--please post a comment or PM me. I'd appreciate your including a concise blurb about yourself and what you expect out of the experience.

If I think you'll like the project, I'll add you to the Testers list (a Download will follow once I have a few good candidates); if not, I'm still heartily thankful for your interest. Naturally, if selected, you will be credited in the final release and receive a virtual high-five.

Since I'm using Ren'py and have tested the hell out of the project myself (got a mild strain of OCD), it's doubtful that you'll run into bugs--what I'm really looking for is someone who can give solid feedback about plot, pacing, delivery, etc.

Well, look forward to hearing from some sensitive and sharp RMNers!