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The Clockwork Bandits! Chester, Marius, Agatha, Dresden, and the Big Cheese! And just what do the Clockwork Bandits do? They manipulate time using the strange and poorly named Paradoxium in order to make money on historical events and (possibly) alter the flow of history. On a good day.

You play as the four lackeys in the gang--Dresden, Marius, Agatha, and Chester--just as some fairly mysterious things start going down in the Bandits' lair. Work together as a team of four distinct player-characters to solve puzzles and find the reason for the Bandits' so-called success: the Master Clock!

Gameplay features a unique system when the four characters in the party are all on the field at once in different locations. Use the menu to switch between them in order to access certain locations available only to certain characters, areas that require teamwork to enter, or places that require a second (or third) warm body to sit on a switch.

The Cast!

Dresden: The protagonist! A true thief at heart, Dresden does not take any truck with very un-hardcore-thief things like maids and cats and thickheaded hired muscle. He just wants to steal things! His personal loyalty makes him the Big Cheese's number two man.

Marius: The number two man in this motley crew. Likes stealing things just about as much as Dresden does, but spends too much time reading magazines these days. Marius has arguably lost his touch, but he was an original member of the crew with Dresden and the Big Cheese. Has the hots for Agatha.

Agatha: The gang's maid. She is inseparable from her cat, Mr. Mittens, capable of cleaning the entire lair in twenty minutes flat, and can throw a knife into a man's head from ten paces. Do not wear shoes on her nice, clean floors.

Chester: Dumb muscle, plain and simple. Has a thing for swords that nobody but Dresden finds weird. Chester was hired by the Big Cheese recently, possibly to compensate for the Big Cheese's declining strength and possibly hired because of his declining mental faculties.

The Big Cheese: He is (duh) the big cheese. His overly bombastic word is law among the Clockwork Bandits. He, like Marius, may be losing his touch, but this has not stopped his hair-brained scheming to make a not-so-honest dollar.

Latest Blog

Game Status @ Time of Acceptance

Hello and Welcome!

This game was started during a week long vacation three years ago. I was going to host it on RMN then, but I kept saying "No, I'll just wait until I finished in a few days." Did I mention this was three years ago? So clearly I did not finish the game, but it has some very interesting aspects to it that I think people will enjoy. The mapping, in the current version, is a little sub-par (considering Man's Best Friend to be a "par"), the writing is okay and the story as it is is somewhat unfinished.

My plans: I'm suuuper busy at the moment, but in my spare time between work and development of the All Hallows' Event game from Team WombatRPGS, I will be working to put the game towards some sort of a conclusion so I can upload a download that won't make you choke to death on bugs and typos.

Stay posted!
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