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Nocnitsa's SIDESHOW:
Horrific Oddities

Well hello there youngster. I'm Grandpa Albert...

What's that you say? You want me to tell you a story? Its getting kind of late, isn't it?

Well...Okay. This is one I used to tell your mother when she was young. It is a story of the Nocnitsa. The Nocnitsa has many names you see, Krisky, Plaksy or Gorska Makua. Perhaps you have heard of her?

No matter, close your eyes and I will tell you a bedtime story. A story of Nocnitsa the night hag. It is said that as long as there have been dreams there have been nightmares, and as long as there have been nightmares the Nocnitsa has feasted. She preys on the souls of disobedient children. Trapping their minds in a nightmare realm she opens their tired little eyes and feeds on the life force from inside their very souls.

The eyes are the gateway to the soul, if they are closed tight enough her minions will have no power over you. Just remember this little rhyme...

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
But if Nocnitsa should come tonight,
I'll keep my eyes closed until the morning's light,
And if I should live to see another day,
I promise my parents, I will obey.

Here are a couple of hints if you find the game difficult:
1) Ghosts and clowns stop chasing you as soon as you hit the 'S' key...your eyes do not need to be completely closed.

2) You are able to still move and jump with your eyes closed...still beware where you jump.

3) Both buttons and switches only need be touched to activate.

4) Have a pen and paper handy OR listen to Grandpa Albert.

Nocnitsa's SIDESHOW: Horrific Oddities is a short survival type horror game created for RMN's All Hallows' Event 2013. It follows little Jimmy, who neglects his chores and his bedtime in order to watch a late night horror show on T.V...However before he knows it, he is trapped in a nightmare realm, forced to weave his way through ghostly creatures and evil clowns as he struggles to find his way home before morning's light. Will he be able to conquer his fears or will they prove to much for him to handle?

Latest Blog

Update to v1.4, now with fewer bugs!

The game is now unencrypted and with fewer bugs! I'm still not going to promise a bug free experience; however the major bug that stopped you from progressing past level 5 should now be fixed(please let me know if the screen doesn't fade in after the midway cut scene). I have finally successfully beaten my own game :p

As such I am providing the save files for each level:

Thanks to everyone for playing and for all those who have given me their feedback. As a final note, it is possible to beat the final level in 15 seconds...however if you don't listen to Grandpa Albert you may want to have a pen and paper ready(unless you have a crazy good memory). I hope everyone enjoys the game, let me know when you find other bugs. I think I will probably be releasing one more version of this game with some of Fomar's advice implemented and a few other things added as well. For now however, this is the same version I submitted to the contest, just with few bugs.

Also here are both Formar's and my own playthrough.
*keep in mind that neither of us beat the game in these video's as the version I submitted to the contest was broken after level 5.


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  • 10/04/2013 02:39 PM
  • 11/30/2013 06:44 PM
  • 10/29/2013
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This game has not really ever been tested. I can't imagine the different bugs and grammar/mapping errors. Please let me know when they come up. Though the game is short I have debated about making a short walkthrough guide, this may happen sometime...
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ill try this and give feedback when i get around to it :3 wont likely be soon tho :3

or not lol... got this error

which ive seen it quite a few games but usually its when the suspicious cloud 7 virus is detected and removed
but this time it just happened normally :(
its better to upload games in a rar or zip file with the game folder inside :3
Sorry Shayoko, today I'm going to be fixing several bugs I found last night in my little Let's Play. I should have the updated version posted tonight. I'll see about uploading it in .rar form this time around. :)
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