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I was recently approached to make the demo game for the upcoming release of the RPGToolkit.
So I started The Wizards Tower, a short RPG showing basic rpg elements with well documented code that is easy to understand and use in other projects.
Even though it will be the upcoming Demo Game it will still be a real game with story, bosses, and puzzles to solve.
The game will have an approximate length of 1 hour. Due to the short play time I have decided to do away with leveling up/stats, going for a more simple heart system like zelda.
Without leveling/stats I felt random battles would be annoying as they would feel like a waste of time so I have done away with them and you will find monsters that have to be defeated to proceed.
I have decided upon a silent protagonist, but also decided upon a magic talking sword that never shuts up so as to not let things get to boring.
Because the game is set in a single dungeon(the wizards tower) I don't have lots of different tilesets to make, shortening development time.
The game should be finished by the end of October.

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Battle systems

my original idea for this game was a one on one street fighter style Battle system but that can be hard to keep the speed playing correctly from computer to computer with the rpgtoolkit so I scrapped that idea(maybe I was a little hasty)
so I decided to go with a simple turn based battle system. But with one character vs one enemy I thought it might be a bit boring so I designed the talking magic sword who gets his own turn in battle(but can only cast magic)
But then yesterday I was playing around with some code and figured out how to do a simple zelda battle system. So now I don't know what battle system to do :/
I guess for now I will continue making maps and see what I decide on.

Ive not really done any work on the BS yet(made some graphics)

I think I will throw a quick few systems together(with ripped or crap graphics) and get some testers to tell me how they play across different computers. It may help me make a decision.
Let me know if you are willing to test a couple of battle systems
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