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This is a very short game to see what NPCs get up to.
I decided to make my hero of the game a young villager called Tifa (Yes I'm a big FF7 fan). You have seven days to do her chores and explore the village in which she lives. Meet boring villagers and mighty heroes! Browse the shop and visit the graveyard. Try and hold your excitement in!
I did the art for the game with the default art and character generator within RPG Maker VX Ace. Also all the music is from the RPG Maker VX Ace library.
I wanted a very generic look for this game as it's a more of a short commentary on RPG tropes rather than a super serious game.
Hope you enjoy it. Any comments or advice welcome!

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  • Completed
  • snakins
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 10/07/2013 04:47 PM
  • 12/23/2021 05:27 PM
  • 10/16/2013
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
not playing as a hero AND its a girl? of course ill try this!
to many people keep making the same dull story with a male protagonist that saves the world and maybe gets a girl along the way
im past the tired stage im actually sick from it now

i wish more games/anime had female leads
and monster girls >neko,kisune,vampires ect :D
it's very simple but that's okay since that was what you wanted as an experiment, really cute tough, keep improving
Well, it accomplishes one thing really. It makes me appreciate the cliched rpg's a lot more after playing this. And now I realize just how dull an NPC's life can be.
Hey guys thank you for your comments. It was a bit of an experiment which might not have worked brilliantly but I wanted to make a game that has a bit of a change of pace to the standard fare of "hero meets companions and saves the world".
The fact it is a bit repetitive is the whole point of it. I tried to make it interesting but I think everyday life is repetitive and stuck in routine.
Maybe I tried to be a little too deep!
Thanks again for the comments.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
sorry for late feed back,between breaks from the engine,YT,SC,anime life
the 150+ other titles
i finally got to this
so to start

random thoughts

female lead? : D

the epic adventure of shopping! : D

Tifas description=fail!

hmmm obtained meat but it does not appear as a key item

mappings not too bad

go to bed!? didnt we just wake up!?

changing text with everyone every day so far and no grammar fails
its a simple game but its done well so far

rain! : D also that cape is nifty!

glitch on friday(and possibly others) go back into your room and leave it goes back 1 day to thursday
going back to your room again goes to bed then back to friday

overall this was pretty boring,it just couldn't be helped.but this is still leagues above things ive seen made with this engine(a few games that lasted 30 or less seconds)

further outside of 2 things mentioned in the thoughts
it did have good grammar and well done triggers for a new game creator(assuming at the time this was your 1st game)

i can understand the concept you were aiming for here but i would of went about it differently(i dont make games just saying)

either way not bad some effort was put into this :3
Well ... I'm torn between the idea that you wanted to get an NPC life as we see it across (standing around on the same spot all day -- doing nothing) in which case you should've made it a punchline.
Or if you wanted to create a NPC life we don't usually get to see, in which case there is too little interactivity, too little happening. It is a solid base, surely,
but there is no charme and no love, or so it feels.

There really isn't anyone I could recommend this to. Not because it is a bad game, but it simply doesn't do anything.

Review will be up soon
This can be considerred a 'slife-of-life' type of game, kinda like harvest moon, but alot more basic. Not much going on, but it does give the sleepy town feel and after awhile you basically know everyone in the village. Some glitches exist such as when you enter the inn on sunday you get time warped back to saturday.
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