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Sacred Reviews: Tetris


"Tetris" developed by mulefisk using RPG Maker 2003 is a Tetris clone turned on it's side. As such this game owes much of it's existence to Alexey Pajitnov, a Soviet software engineer that created the original version of this game back in 1984. Sadly this clone has a few bugs to still iron out.


Oddly enough this game only tends to glitch out while on lower settings, but I'd argue that just makes the issue more egregious since your likely to start a game on the lowest difficult setting. Or at least I like to start on the lowest setting and allow myself to get rolled up to higher levels as my score goes up by the game. After all, it's easier to rack up a score in a game like this when you have a bit more time to consider where your going to be putting the next block.

These glitches can range from slowdown issues if you spam the right arrow key in order to rush blocks into their final resting place or a piece just getting stuck somewhere in the middle of it's slide to the right with no way to start a new game beyond closing the program and rebooting it to my knowledge.

As for best practices to avoid these issues I'd recommend not using the right arrow key to speed up blocks or use it as sparingly as possible. Though the best way to avoid these issues might be to start the game on a higher setting since the game does tend to run smoother in my experience at higher levels.


This is just "Tetris" turned on it's side. So instead of filling rows with blocks in order to make them disappear your creating columns instead.

And as the level goes up the blocks slide to the right faster and faster and faster until you inevitable lose as one of the rows reaches all of the way over to the left side of the screen.


If regular play didn't have the potential to cause this game to freak out I'd give it a much higher rating. After all, this game is still fun to play when it's working correctly.