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Suzy is free

  • calunio
  • 12/30/2013 01:49 PM
Dropping a few updates on the game, if anyone is interested!

The game has been translated to Korean by a guy that goes by "casw". I don't know any Korean, and I have no idea if it's a good translation, but the game looks pretty neat with Korean characters!

It was also listed as part of IndieGames.com Top 10 indie horror games of 2013. That was pretty amazing!

I'm keeping track of pieces and reviews regarding Suzy and freedom in the "Outer walls" tab, right at the top of this page.

If you like Suzy and freedom and you think it deserves it, don't forget to give it a Misao nomination!

--edit 06/12/2015--
It was also translated to Spanish!


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(I thought for a second that the actual Suzy was just released from prison and you just posted a blogpost to inform all of us to run for our lives. *phew* Thank the heavens that didn’t happen!)

It’s good to see that this game got some pretty decent exposure outside RMN! A translated copy into Korean and making a top 10 list on IndieGames.com – that’s some fine work, I tell you what. ^^

- Here’s hoping for even more success in the future! *raises glass*

(Oh, and don’t worry, bud, I already nominated this game for “Best Storytelling And Direction” a little while back. Hopefully, this game manages to win something, as it definitely was one of the best games I’ve played all this year.)
So I just found out that this game's korean translation (수지와 자유) has a bunch of LPs on youtube, some of them with lots of views! Yay Suzy!

I laughed at how humbled we western people should feel before them asians mad gaming skills. People complain about Suzy and freedom's puzzles being too difficult, but this...

Check 23:30
Check 23:30

Ha, ha, that’s hilarious! I knew I had a bit of trouble with that puzzle before, but this guy completed it like it was nothing.

My guess is he either must have played it already before doing the Let’s Play or he's just so god damn lucky that it hurts.
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