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Suzy and freedom: the movie

  • calunio
  • 09/26/2021 03:47 AM
They made a movie about Suzy and freedom!

Kidding, they made a movie about the case that inspired the game.
Interestingly, they made not one but two movies. They are called The Girl Who Killed Her Parents and The Boy Who Killed My Parents. The first one describes the story from the point of view of Dan, putting Suzy as the evil manipulator mastermind behind everything. The second one uses the point of view of Suzy, putting herself as the victim of her boyfriend's evil plans.

I just watched The Girl Who Killed Her Parents. My opinion: not a good movie. Some people mentioned that in Suzy and freedom the transition from "life is hard" to "let's kill my parents" was too abrupt, and I blamed that on the small scope of the game. The movie had a lot more time to tell the story, and it still felt forced. It's like everyone lived a happy life and suddenly got crazy and decided to commit murder. Maybe because they had two movies they wanted each one to be the polar opposite of the other, but extremism is the opposite of sensitive and smart. Other than that, I was not impressed by the acting.

In any case, while watching I couldn't help but think "it's a movie about my game", which made it a lot of fun. If you enjoyed the game, you'll probably feel something similar (and if you do, please tell me). Both movies are available on Prime Video.