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Suzy and false choices.

Original Play through and review.
Suzy and freedom is a game which offers you choices and sometimes if you make the choice the game doesn't want it won't let you progress until you give in. But it doesn't do it in the nice way. For example I wanted to finish my essay before gong out, I was offered the option to sneak out but I'm not like that so I continued trying to complete it. After 10 minutes of hitting 1 to 9 on the keyboard I quit. If you're not going to let me make that choice then why is it a choice?

Showed some promise and I was interested but the gameplay gets in the way of experiencing the story. It was also the first non-fiction horror game I had come across in the contest so double disappointment.

Each of the three chapters I played had a different minigame to play and while this offered variety it did not offer fun. Only one of the minigames would I describe as fun but it was repetitive when you have to repeat it due to the difficulty (and this was only in the second chapter). I quit when the game wouldn't let me make the choice that I had spent 10 minutes trying to make.

Et cetera
Your mileage may vary with this game, it isn't a game I recommend based on my experience but if my issues with the game don't concern you then by all means you might find a fun gaming experience.

Here's my play through if you are interested:

Several friends who were more forgiving of the lack of choice and how it was portrayed. After the section of the game I previously quit at the game stop portraying non-choices as choices for example when you need to convince Dan your instruction is to convince him and only convince him, there is a section where you play as the parents and while it does in a sense offer a choice the game makes it clear that you simply can not take the more interesting choice. The gameplay while varied isn't particularly fun, one redeeming quality about it though is that it is largely metaphorical for example the love climb, where you have to get high takes place while in "real life" the characters are getting high themselves.

By the end I did find the story compelling a degree. This is a game for play for the story and not the game play. I recommend giving it a go but have a look at the walk through for the game play sections.


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The game reenacts a story that has already happened, so by nature is not a game about choices.

Anyway, thanks for playing!
I might give it another play through and just go with the game, someone informed me it does get compelling.

I was just very frustrated by the false choice. You could have made it possible to sneak out at 40% or at 60% the character does it of her own free will, to drag it out until we give in was mostly just annoying. The fact it was portrayed as a choice was the main issue.
Giving the player a feeling of choice and than taking it away was intentional in the game design, because it's supposed to reflect the feelings of the characters involved.

Also, by skipping to scene 2, you missed an important scene that happens right after the street beating part.

In case you get stuck, there's a walkthrough tab right at this page.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
The game reenacts a story that has already happened, so by nature is not a game about choices.

Anyway, thanks for playing!

Actually I would say that it totally IS a game ABOUT choices...it just doesn't let YOU the player make them.

(The same is absolutely true of like my #1 Favorite Absolutely Everyone Must Play This Even (Especially) If They Hate Modern Military Shooters Game, Spec Ops: The Line.)
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