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Game Summary

The game takes place in Astreal, one of the major kingdoms of the world. Years ago a seal was broken between dimensions that is now allowing demons to enter into the world. As the seal grows weaker the threat of a larger and more dangerous enemy grows imminent. It’s up to you to discovery the secrets of the past and put a stop to the demon infestation.


The story doesn’t completely revolve itself around one main character. Rather there are several important main characters and some side characters. Each character has their own background and motivation. By the end of the game they will all be untied by a common cause.

The game frequently has you switch between different groups of characters. This gives the player the opportunity to see what the other characters are doing. It also introduces a whole new set of skills and play tactics. And near the end of the game, when all the characters join together, there are numerous party formations. This allows for many different strategies in battle.


  • Material from the DS Resource Pack.

  • Material from the Samurai Resource Pack.

  • Artwork from Magic: The Gathering.

  • Music from the RMN Music Pack.

  • Yanfly Battle Engine.

  • Can have up to five party members in battle.

  • Can change party members during battle.

  • Can choose the difficulty level that suits you.

  • No more TP: All skills cost HP or MP.

  • Monsters and characters can be MP killed.

  • Includes many optional quests and dungeons.

  • Includes NewGame+.

Latest Blog

Complete Play Through Available

Star & Venus did a complete play through of Demonic Tutor on YouTube. Since she is not an RMN member I have included the link to the first video. There are a total of 15 videos to watch.

  • Completed
  • Sunflower Games
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 10/14/2013 04:54 AM
  • 11/16/2014 03:31 PM
  • 10/14/2013
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This game looks nice but where is the download link?
And how many hours of game play?
Oh my god, this game looks awesome!
Will it be available to download or buy :)?
Guardian of the Description Thread
And here I was, going to make a reference about the game's title. Oh well.

Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Sorry for any inconvenience. I was waiting for the game page to be accepted so that I could add the download. Didn't expect so many responses so quickly. I hope the game meets all your expectations. This is the largest project I have done to date (Taking me over six months to complete.) I'm hoping its a big improvement over Dragon Lancer and Giadon Saga. I really wanted to push what I was capable of to the limits in this game. If there are any major issues with the download or broken events (And I'm hoping that there are not) please let me know immediately so I can fix them. Also let me know what you think about my game (What's good and what's bad.) It will probably be a while before I start another project (need to take a break, since I have been doing this pretty non stop since my first game.)

This game requires RPG Maker VX Ace or the Run Time Package to play.
It can be downloaded from this link. It's completely free.

Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Don't know much about game making but here's my opinion :)

Need to rate the GAME M for language and innuendo :)

Don't know why you put in ATB. I don't play many 2003 games cause I hate waiting for the bar to fill up :)

You may have one or two not so kind reviews since there is not much of a story in the beginning of the game but I believe you said the story comes later.

Not sure what the technical terms are but the graphics and colors are bright and sharp and I am enjoying the game for that alone. Also, we can save almost anywhere and to me that is another major bonus.

So, all in all, I'm having a good time playing a pretty simple game and not dying....but then I did choose the easy game so I can live to fight another day :)
This looks very interesting. How long is it?
Also, it is interesting that the characters dies if MP is reached zero, I am not sure if that will make it difficult to play the game but will see how it impacts the game play. I found myself using regular attack more instead of skills as the amount of damage taken from each skill to your hp is increased each time.

I am stuck with one side quest.
I need to find a person (john for Madam Vi) in the Dor Wasteland and I cant find any guy there. I looked all over the place and the thieves hideout and cant find him, where is he at?

Looks nice, gonna download it and then i'll give feedback. :D
Why would Cid need the sword? There is an opening story missing here.
Why would Geri run around with a man she never met? Why would a royal knight pick up any random woman on the road (OK, from a cell)?
And, why would Cid put up with her, who complained that Cid "couldn't stop talking"(?!) while she is the one that couldn't stop complaining and forcing herself in?

Also, why would an archer be able to heal while a cleric couldn't do either heal or cure? (Nevermind this. He finally got it at much higher level.)
MP damage is a skill that is quite useless on a mage, since mages are infamous for their short HP. I know that I, for one, would never use it. On this note, it makes little sense that one gets KO as MP run out. Isn't that what HP is for? There is so little distinction between MP and HP in the battles now. It is as if there are 2 HP lines, and they die whichever runs out. It seems somewhat redundant.

Is there a missing scene when Faith and Art got captured? There seems to be a jump of story there.

I like the graphics. The music is great, too. Although the scales of the towns are a bit small, the houses are beautifully drawn. There could be more towns. There is a lot of potential in the game. But I think the stories could use some more work.
Ok I download it...
Found Dragon Lacer an awful game, but I saw something...
Found Gialdon Saga a very good game, except for characters
I'm kinda sure that you have improved a lot. If the growth curve is the same I'm sure I'll love this. Downloading.
Okay, I keep playing until I played 2 hours and 30+ minutes I think? (LOL) I'm sleepy right now so stop for now.
I find this game too simple and easy(I'm on the simple mode where I'm supposed to be a GOD LOL).
Introduction - too short (yeah)
Characters were good but the skills(that consumes alot of HP there is one with 1k hp that's too big) And what's up with 0 mp= KO? (LOL) but I don't have a problem with that, kinda new to me :D.
Music is good (yeah)
Towns and houses were okay.
I like where the story is going to.

Overall the game is good 7/10 (I'm still not finished though, still gonna head to kill Jack :D)
Lastly, I wanna kill the guy who gives me 1g for finding his cow(LOL).
Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

The game is about ten hours, depending on how much you do.

There is a scene where Faith and Ark get captured after they exit
the cave into the city.

MP kill is used in Star Ocean for one. And it fits in with the MTG universe because some planeswalkers use mental attacks. There are other characters who will have better MP attacks later. Some enemies will fall easily if MP killed.

Guardian of the Description Thread
I've only just started the second string of events with Vance/Hope, but I think it would benefit this game if you stick with a story line a bit longer. I dunno. It just seems odd to have a story cut-off this way. With Vince/Hope, their story barely began before it's cut off, and the characters themselves aren't very strong ones. Cid/forget-her-name? They just fell the Traitor King (naaah!), and left the fort, so I can vaguely understand why that gets cut off when it does. Faith/Ark? They got out of the underground, but...

I dunno what I'm trying to say with this anymore. Other than to look at what the Wild Arms series (mostly 1-3) did with it's prologues.
I still cant find the person for Madam Vi's quest. I was wondering can I move on to the next part of the story and come back to do the quest later? Can I do the same for the warrior guild as well?
Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Optional quests are not effected by what you do in the main story or by other quests. (I actually play tested the game by going through the main story without doing any quests, then completing all the optional quests after the final boss just to make sure that there would be no problems with some string quests.)

Are you looking in the correct Dor Wasteland? (Not the Northern Dor Wasteland, but the other one where Faith first starts her story.)
Optional quests are not effected by what you do in the main story or by other quests. (I actually play tested the game by going through the main story without doing any quests, then completing all the optional quests after the final boss just to make sure that there would be no problems with some string quests.)

Are you looking in the correct Dor Wasteland? (Not the Northern Dor Wasteland, but the other one where Faith first starts her story.)

Thanks for the reply. I was looking at the wrong place and finally found the guy.
Bug report: game crashed during battles from time to time. It said:
Script 'Formar ATB system' line458: NoMethodError Occurred. Undifined method "Stamina_cost" for nil:NilClass

I am at the part after Hope was kidnapped. So far, the story did get better (more twist and turns). And it started to get fun after a while. Over all, it is a good game. Graphics are good. Music is nice. It is really commendable. Of course, here comes the but...

First, I still think that more work has to be done with the intro, especially about the charaters (which is why none of them is really strong, in character, that is). Half of the heros are just like random people running around killing monsters without a good reason.
Second, their skill sets are still not very "even". My favorite is of course the elf. He can hit, heal, boost...and everything. The problem is that he can do so many things, and nearly none of the others can share his work load. Maybe some of them should be able to do atk/def down or agi down... Besides, they get all manners of status effects from the enemies. But none of them can inflict effects as basic as poison, attack/defense down, curse... Maybe Max and Faith could do some of these things.
It is also a bit confusing as their skills are not exactly in line with their character (or so called "Class"). How would one classify Max exactly? He is not a mage (nor a fighter exactly). All he does is MP damage, even though his MAG isn't all that high. Hope is not a mage and she does not have high MAG, yet she could heal and MP heal? How come Ark got "Dark" when he is supposed to be a cleric or something? I understand that it is a different battle system. But it seems like a bit more consistency could make the story more solid and less confusing.
(PS. Ark got MP absorption, which is useful. But he is totally useless when they encounter mages, since they seem to have tons of MP. It is wasteful when enemies have like 10 MP or 50 MP, which is often not enough for him to heal himself as all the skills tend to be very costly. His MP damage is pointless, since he already has MP absorption. He, or Vance (I keep hoping that his boost effect could extend to others), might be the best person to do boost or atk/def/agi down.)

Basically, I still find it better to do mostly hacking and slashing. Skills are the most effective ways to attack. But all skills cost way too much. They either do not deal enough damage to make a decent dent or cost at least half of all HP or MP to do a single damage. As they die running out of either one, one or more of them often die afterwards if they didn't constantly ingest healing items. It was just too much of a hassle.

And, the side quests could use more "design" or "engineering". After finishing a few of them, it seems like they share the same basic theme, which is to have you run all the way back to one of the dungeons, fight with someone or pick something up, then run ALL THE WAY back. They are all very similar. Given the frequent encounter rate, it gets annoying and tiresome after the first few ones.

These are what I feel that could be improved and make the game even better. Sorry if they sound like criticism. They are not. The game is interesting and has a lot of potential to become epic. Hope that is what you are shooting for.
Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

I don't mind feedback as long as you point out some positives with the negatives, which everyone seems to be doing. I can tell you that the feedback I am getting is generally more positive than my last two games.
OK. Done with the game. The only bug I found was the crash during battles, as I mentioned earlier. I wonder if it was the green Giant that was causing it?

In general,
Graphics: it is great. Wish there were more towns (there is room for extension, right? since there are 27 major countries). The Japanese village was beautiful. Too bad they are not interactive.
Music: great. Enjoyed it.
Battle system: kind of confusing to me. Easy fights. Hard bosses. No problems there. Could definitely use more skills. With so many of them combined, the skills still feel incomplete. (They chould be less costly, too)
Intro: needs work
Storyline: good backbone. But needs to be laid out better. Need more details to avoid confusion. For instance, between Hope and xxxx (...you know). Where did THAT come from?! HOW on earth did that happen. Not that it is bad. It is quite interesting, in fact. A few things just don't make sense. Interesting twist and turns. But so out of the blue. A little more details and explanations would help.
Scripts: need refinement. NPCs said the oddest things!
Side quests: need work. Too straightforward and too much running around. Became quite tedious.
Characters: need to flesh out characters more. Faith, CID, and Max are brought out well. Others not so much. There is still a lot of room for character development, to make players either love them or hate them, I mean.

It is a good game. I like the graphics and music. But I think script and story could be improved some. Overall, the pace is fast. But it feels a bit rushing. They just rushed from one dungeon to the next, and then to the next, which is probably why some details feel amiss. It is like a great story being told really, really fast. They should stop and smell the roses from time to time. How about some cooking (as suggested in the game), herb collecting, fishing, mining, potion mixing...? Just to add more layers and make the game less linear. They make good side-quests, too.
I am currently stuck in the maze of shadow (optional dungeon) where I have to go from room to room to find exit, but I keep walking in circles and can’t find the next teleport. Is there a clue to picking which part of the room to exit from?
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