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Game Summary

The game takes place in Astreal, one of the major kingdoms of the world. Years ago a seal was broken between dimensions that is now allowing demons to enter into the world. As the seal grows weaker the threat of a larger and more dangerous enemy grows imminent. It’s up to you to discovery the secrets of the past and put a stop to the demon infestation.


The story doesn’t completely revolve itself around one main character. Rather there are several important main characters and some side characters. Each character has their own background and motivation. By the end of the game they will all be untied by a common cause.

The game frequently has you switch between different groups of characters. This gives the player the opportunity to see what the other characters are doing. It also introduces a whole new set of skills and play tactics. And near the end of the game, when all the characters join together, there are numerous party formations. This allows for many different strategies in battle.


  • Material from the DS Resource Pack.

  • Material from the Samurai Resource Pack.

  • Artwork from Magic: The Gathering.

  • Music from the RMN Music Pack.

  • Yanfly Battle Engine.

  • Can have up to five party members in battle.

  • Can change party members during battle.

  • Can choose the difficulty level that suits you.

  • No more TP: All skills cost HP or MP.

  • Monsters and characters can be MP killed.

  • Includes many optional quests and dungeons.

  • Includes NewGame+.

Latest Blog

Complete Play Through Available

Star & Venus did a complete play through of Demonic Tutor on YouTube. Since she is not an RMN member I have included the link to the first video. There are a total of 15 videos to watch.

  • Completed
  • kory_toombs
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 10/14/2013 04:54 AM
  • 11/16/2014 03:31 PM
  • 10/14/2013
  • 73090
  • 15
  • 1803



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It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

If anything the title of the game with the title screen will get their attention.

If Kentona ever asks me to remove it due to legal reasons I will. That being that WOTC will do better going after him than me. This sort of thing won't even see the light of day in the ROC.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Gotcha. Lionheart and its various predecessors include a lot of MTG references and elements too. Especially my old 2002 game The Tower, Lionheart's direct antecedent, had really heavy MTG influence and a CBS at the end that was basically simplified MTG.

That said...

Artwork from Magic: The Gathering.

I'd just cut that from your features. Not cut the art, just...don't announce it. WotC is notoriously, grossly litigious even versus free projects.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

The game borrows some things from the MTG universe. I wanted to do a full MTG game with the characters / world, but didn't have enough of the resources or skills to put it into reality.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I like the title. Is it a MTG reference?
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hmmm never heard of giadon saga and Dragon lancer may be referenced somewhere that i wont mention *w*
but yeah never heard of either :3

the idea you mentioned the only thing i have seen that sounds like that is
Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland
really cute game but did not like the concept of alchemy and potions to use skills in battle :3
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

Thanks for leaving comments about this game :)

If you have played Dragon Lancer or Giadon Saga you will know this game is a definite improvement, if not completely perfect. (And by god don't bother playing those 2 games.)

I'm currently working on my 6th game, which will be an RPG (after doing 2 puzzle games.) I'm working on incorporating more puzzles and better level design into my dungeons. Also my new game will feature side view battles with more unique skills and classes. (ie. You will be able to use potions to activate skills, steal items, summon monsters, and learn skills from enemies.)

Screenshot for upcoming game:

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts
bold is improvements
other is thought complaints ect

story is ? don't know if i like it or dislike(after playing its more of a story comes as you play type of game)

i really love how your speed actually effects the turns!
at ftw!

there are so many grammar errors i decided not to be specific...

glitch where main battle menu is not accessible

NEED a equip-able accessory that cancels random battles...

i hate when game makers give npcs the maser key...if you have to obtain a key for a locked door or do a puzzle to get by something NOONE should have gotten it b4 you...
further it does not make any sense why you need to pull switches to open that door
how would someone get thru it coming from the other way?
such a stupid system...

madam viis o.o somehow less offensive when a woman runs it and not a guy

this game NEEDS full exp sharing otherwise its too much of a pain...

some of these fetch quests are at the highest lvl or stupidity
she is one of those popous nobles there's no way in hell she would have lost a book in either of those caves...someone like her its hard to even imagine the 1st book being out side >.>

again this does not make sense wind inside of a building? no...this is just dumb...

Thest(character) should not be able to equip swords

the BA dungeon is where a players party is really tested o.o
but you should of at last put a teleport at end to get back....

got some really bogus quests here...that guy wasn't kidding about finding something...
needle in a hay stack is not exaggerating the lvl of bs this is

and what about the dam cream pie? why dont any of the housewifes give me what i need?

need a portal going to the 1st town in your journey its too far away :/

when people leave your party you need to unequip them so that you have access to gear you own!

dear god the stupidty of the quests....a little girl somehow works for a guild which you take jobs for and you need to find something for her to become champion???
makes no sense you would be..
or killing people or monsters which are not bothering anyone yet your character think they serve justice???

the rival knight quest will be the most difficult fight so far but the reward...is so worth it...

the hall of champions is awesome...

that ending was good part of which i did not see coming which made it better


outside of many painful flaws is this game good? yes but time consuming
even on normal you will NEED to grind alot
this is a long game to finish basing off normal difficulty
6+ hours of play time

there are alot of characters all of which are likable(does not mean you will like them)
you dont stick with any for the entire game tho it switches between groups

is nothing special in fact after just finishing i already forgot it
someone did something bad,someone wants revenge,someone wants to stop them about somes it up

your standard turn based system the challenge comes from enemy stats and de buffs they use
there is a warriors guild in which you can select quests that reward you with money or special gear
some of which are in the most obnoxious things you will ever see in a rpg maker game as of right now
there is also a late game warriors guild which is a tough challenge being able to fight enemys thruout the entire game in one place!

is this worth playing?
well its a very long game by average standards of this engine
but id only honestly recommend this to people that LOVE and maybe are OBSESSED
with grinding because you will be doing that a lot if you want to continue the game
(unless you play on the easiest setting and skip side quests)

the game is good but defiantly not for everyone

Bonus-modded saves(N diff) for those who cant take it anymore or just want to run thru the game(may remove at some point so if links dead in the future sorry's :3)
Actually that is what he says now....but I never found the helmet.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

If your talking about the mini quest in the Dor Wasteland you need to find the sword and the helmet to receive the reward. Until you do he will just repeat that he has lost these things. After getting the reward he will just say, "Thank you for helping me." I just checked this out in the maker to double check.

Your reward for this quest is a Silver Staff.
Unless I missed someone already posting this: When you find the Lost Sword he doesnt recognise it and he just repeats that he lost it.
I liked the game for the most part. I did think that the hp cost for skills scaling with lvl was annoying (powerful skills leav you next to dead) but the MP ones dont so those can be spammed. I also rly didnt like the NTR section but thats a personal thing
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

Thanks for putting this on my thread so that other people could read it :)
Kory_Toombs, seeing as how your game, Demonic Tutor, is complete, I was hoping I could get through unscathed and finally write another review. This did not happen. I haven't posted in a while, and this game is the cause of it. I kept going on and off and just flat out felt uninterested in making progress on the game. True to my word, even if I haven't been unable to complete your completed game, I will write out a complete feedback touching on what I have completed.

Aesthetics/Map Design

(+) The game has custom graphics. This is good I suppose. There are some larger character busts that serve as a face graphic in some scenes, although they do hover a bit over the message box and that serves to be distracting.
(-) Some maps are very blocky and tilesets are not used to fuller potential. Some tilesets do not clash together very well at all and look downright ugly in terms of layout rather than design.
(-) There are clipping issues and bad tile assignments up the ass, making navigation annoying in many instances.
(-) Some interiors look a little too spatious from what their outside shows.
(-) The world of Demonic Tutor is somewhat lifeless. Characters are hardly animated and things are a little too still. It's a boring slog having to traverse the areas in the game because of this.
(-) Maps seem to be very cut up for little to no good reason at all. It would really be more commendable if you could have just merged four maps into one.


(+) Music sounds mostly alright. I've heard a few tunes here from someplace else.
(-) The music is not used effectively and, like the tilesets, not to their highest potential. Oftentimes you will be hearing the same song until you get to another area altogether. They even keep playing in cutscenes, which hurts the narrative. I'll touch up on this later.


(+) There are custom systems, which is very welcome! They are mostly harbored in the custom battle system, which includes neat things like enemy health bars and new text box layouts.
(+) I cannot make a comment on the difficulty of the game, because the game actually gives you an option to change up the difficulty in the beginning! Although, this convenient little system proves to be worth little as I will also touch up on soon.
(-) In Demonic Tutor, there really isn't much to do other than interact with shops, NPCs, and pick up sidequests. There are chests here and there too, but that's an RPG staple. Optional tasks are hardly worth it. One sidequest in particular was hugely absurd, asking me to trek through three dungeon areas I already went through.
(-) Dungeons themselves are a huge slog and no-brainers. Find a switch, activate it, open a door. There are also "puzzles" I've seen in every fucking game before. While these puzzles in themselves aren't terrible, it really all comes down to execution, and Demonic Tutor makes no effort in this regard.
(-) The battle system is bugged. Sometimes I cannot go back to the main battle menu and sometimes I am stuck in escape mode. The game does not let me retract from this mode either. This happens especially if one of your party members is dead. At first I thought it was intentional since it makes sense you wouldn't just abandon your teammate.
(-) Difficulty is heavily ramped around the later portion of the game, with enemies that somehow pull off FOUR OR FIVE attacks at once, a good handful of these attacks causing status ailments. When I fought the chinese imperial dude, or tried to, that's when the final nail on the coffin was hit, and I just could not progress any longer.


(-) Demonic Tutor has a large amount of spelling errors, thus giving the game a very bad outlook. Spelling and grammar is important, kids.
(-) Not even the writing of this game is decent. It's not horrible, but it's definitely below average. The writing makes the game come off as something written by a middle-schooler. It just isn't impressive in the slightest. Everything that everyone says is uninteresting. Reading over dialogue alolud is a good way to figure out if it sounds natural, and I would highly suggest doing this, Toombs.
(-) The game's pacing as far as cutscenes are concerned is not very well done. Everything in the game seems to happen too quickly and there is little effort put into making sitting through cutscenes interesting. As I've stated above, the characters are hardly animated and it's unforgivably BORING, all in all.
(-) The story is tough to really get engaged with. It's intriguing how you switch between characters (although this is weird in gameplay design since you get the items and shit you had on the previous characters you were playing) but there are no unique, memorable qualities about them, and the writing really hurts this. Here is how I classify the characters in my party: Vince is the Marty Sam, cookie-cutter RPG protagonist we've come to know. Hope is the good wifey who hardly gets any say in anything. Thest/Threst is the pretty-boy, peace-loving fruit basket. Cid is the guy who has the really cool overpowered move. Geri or Jeri or whatever the fuck is the really annoying bitchy cunt who I should've left in the prison. And Max is just some angry guy.

That's Demonic Tutor. It's overlooked for good reason, apparently. I am regretful that I did not get to finish this game, but at the same time I am not. There is hardly anything captivating about this RPG, and it really shows. If this game means anything to you, Kory_Toombs, I would suggest a revamp. In its current state, I don't see how anyone can legitimately enjoy this.
Guardian of the Description Thread
But you can use Demonic Tutor for half the buyback cost of Demonic Collusion!
I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
1 Black/1 Colorless. Search the site for a game, ad that game to your downloads. Shuffle the site afterwards.

As Demonic Tutor goes on the stack I cast Remand, which puts Demonic Tutor back into your downloads, essentially forcing you to replay it. I add an additional download to my playlist.

I really should have expected a reply like that from someone who has Nicol Bolas as an avatar. This game make so much more sense now.
Playing this with a lot of curiosity.

You've made some improvements, but PLEASE, never make a random search mission again in your games. It's a request, a suggestion or anything you want it to be... cluelessly walking around THOUSANDS of squares is terribly boring. I completed all guild's missions in your previous games but this time I fear I won't be able to bare another infinite pilgrimage to find something. Just to boring (and pretty useless).

Now I'm grinding in the bad-ass dungeon (Level 30 party after the japanese village, guess I'm a little overpowered).
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a difficulty setting!?
awesome i want to say i dont recall seeing that in a rpg maker game b4 but i probably have and just 4got
in anycase
thats a awesome feature

the stats ss lol @ the hero who believes anyone could be a better person
if your allowed to torture,brainwash and take away free will thats true
but some people i know...despite the amount of crap they been thru due to their addictions and stupidity they still have not changed

but he should not feel so bad i used to be just as foolish to believe in people so hes not alone
i love those equipment names XD
had played one recently which was a less serious game about bananas
i cant say i enjoyed it but the skill set up was interesting rather then equipping a weapon you equip a style
and each style had different ability's that came with it

but the final boss was probably unbeatable w/o a lot of grinding for lvls
when i do get around to playing this game ill come back and give my thoughts
so for now thanks for making it :D!
I just finished the game.
I must say I am really shocked by the ending I don’t get how Hope had a complete character change and switch sides like that since up until she was taken she loved Vince. In the ending she was very harsh and I don’t understand how Vince would just let her go like that and be okay with it. That didn’t make sense at all. I feel they got rid of the wrong person at the end. Also, Jack was not a good character at all and even worse than Hope.

Overall, a great game and I enjoyed playing it. I wished there were more skills to use and a clearer character and motive description/explanation.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

A teleport device should appear.
It will be on the same map up a dirt path that is to the
right of the house directly in front of that Dragon statue.
Go up the path and across the river.
I stuck in KI-lon-do. Defeat all 4 guardians, back to dragon, and he said something that "way is open, come and find me". I circling for hours this place still cannot find anything . Pls help.
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